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Reviewed by Adam Itkoff

Reviewed by Adam Itkoff

Who couldn’t use a little bit more cash in their pocket? In the Capitalist juggernaut, we’re left keeping up with inflation and rising food prices. We all know we’re not going to save money by sacrificing our smartphones, so why not put the little gadgets to use?

That’s where Appdown.Me comes into play. This website in an interesting mix of app discovery and cash incentives that allows you to earn dollars by downloading apps and referring friends.

If you’re looking for an easy buck and have plenty of time on your hands, this app-esque website might just be worth a spin.


Sign up is easy enough. Either login with Facebook or simply confirm via email address. Then, you’ll start perusing through all the apps you can download via the website, which lists them from highest to lowest value.

Your first download will land you an easy 300 points, or the equivalent of about one US dollar. You’ll be prompted to download the app and remain active for at least a few minutes before closing and deleting.



Rinse & repeat until rich.

Concept and Functionality:

In reality, don’t expect to make significant coin from the app. It’s more about some pocket money.

Picture this scenario: you’re in a room in your house. You’re working within this website, downloading apps for anywhere from 5 cents to a full dollar (if we’re being generous).

The lights are on, so is your Wi-Fi, oh yeah, and you’re paying rent. If this was your only gig you would have to work impossibly fast to actually make more than you’re spending on the utilities to participate in the first place.

If each app download was worth a dollar, we might see this as valuable, but eventually the downloads become worth about $0.05 – $0.30 per pop, and that’s pennies. Literally.

On the upside, you can refer your friends to make some cash off of their downloads (residually) and also get bonus points for participating in additional challenges.

You’ll find yourself capped at about $50 per month from the highest possible use of this app, or in New York, about the value of two large pizzas and a coke.

Overall Value:

For youngsters in class looking to add a cool ten dollars to their PayPal account, why not? For everyone else, it’s a way to make a few extra bucks and, hopefully, at the same time discovering some interesting apps.

Appdown QRAppdown.me requires browser access from a smartphone.

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  1. Danh says:

    I have 2 iPhones. For each iP I create new account and download the first required game ( 30 points now ). After that I reset iP and set up as a new iP. Then I create a new account again and again. Why I just create accounts per day? How can I create more than 3 Accounts a day?

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