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Dead Giveaway: Trivia That Won’t Bore You to Death (We Promise)

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Dead Giveaway iPhone Game Review by We’ve mentioned it here on the blog many times, but our love for trivia games absolutely knows no bounds. We cannot get enough general knowledge quizzing, and if there’s an application that can deliver that scratch for our permanent itch, we’re hot to review […]


Earn A Few Extra Bucks With

Tweet Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Who couldn’t use a little bit more cash in their pocket? In the Capitalist juggernaut, we’re left keeping up with inflation and rising food prices. We all know we’re not going to save money by sacrificing our smartphones, so why not put the little gadgets […]


PromptSmart: Providing Speech-Giving Confidence Everywhere

Tweet Price: $9.99 Rating: PromptSmart – The Smartest Teleprompter for the Easiest Public Speaking Experience iPhone App Review by It is never easy to give a speech to a large group of people. It’s even harder to give a televised—or otherwise broadcasted—performance. If you’re not a professional with nerves of steel, you’re likely looking […]


Test Your Fast-Thinking Skills with Lumberjack magician

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Lumberjack magician iPhone Game Review by Lumberjack magician by ChewingApps Ltd. is an adorable iOS game that features a wizard with tree chopping spells. Available for free through the iTunes Store, this game aims to keep its players yelling “Timber!!!” Features: Lumberjack magician is a simple and straightforward game that […]


Top Ten New Free iOS Games – These Games Rock!

Tweet Top Ten New Free iOS Games by One part of our latest “Top Ten” list is for all our loyal readers who love to play games on the world’s greatest gaming platform, the iPhone. Why is it so great? Well, for one thing you ALWAYS have it with you. That counts for a […]


Take Great Pics via Remote Control with Camera Plus

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating: Camera Plus iPhone App Review by Do you need yet another camera app for your iPhone or iPad? Well, maybe you do. Camera Plus, from Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd, is a very compelling and innovative camera app that just might be your go-to app from now on. It has […]

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