Shadow Fight 2: Finish Him (With some RPG Elements)


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Shadow Fight 2
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Shadow Fight 2, from Nekki, represents everything we love about iOS gaming: It’s got the free price tag, the excellent graphics, the willingness to be silly, and more than enough action-packed gameplay to keep us coming back time and time again.

In fact, we haven’t had quite as much fun playing any other app as we have playing Shadow Fight 2.

And if you’re looking for a punch-studded reason to pick up your iPhone and sit for a while, you’ll find our whole review of the title below. Starting with:  

Gameplay and Concept

Shadow Fight 2 represents the sequel to the original Shadow Fight title, and though we are not strict fanboys of the series, we’re reconsidering that position.

The game has you splitting your time between RPG elements like skill trees and weapons upgrades and more fashionable Mortal Kombat style fighting matches. 

In the latter, you’ll use a directional pad on the left side of the screen to send your shadowy protagonist hurtling about the arena. On the right side you’ll find two buttons. One is for your hands, and the other controls your feet. You will mash both of these a lot. Of that, young grasshopper, you can be certain. 

By mashing, flinging and stomping your way through matches, you’ll start to defeat opponents. And after every victory, you’ll earn money and skill points to spend on rewarding your character with some new digs. After a while, you’ll be rocking whole different levels of gear, combat moves, and combo boosters. And let us be the first to say that this is all extremely engaging. 

As it turns out, one of the few things combat games benefit the most from is an RPG skill tree. We can’t get over how well these work together, and the results are simply stunning. 

Graphics and Interface

Shadow Fight 2 for iPhone

Shadow Fight 2 for iPhone

It also helps Shadow Fight 2’s case that it looks so damn good!

The fighting animations are easily the best we have ever seen on the iPhone, and they even give some of the game’s console cousins a run for their money. Not only that, but the artwork (from back to front) is simply killer. 

Here you’ll find luscious environments, a wealth of potential skills to pick from, cleverly detailed characters, and even a pretty good story. Obviously the plot takes a logical backseat, but hey—with this fine of a production, we’re not arguing. 

Overall Value

Shadow Fight 2 is rocking the freemium payment model, meaning it’s completely free to download today, but you may eventually decide to invest in some in-app purchases. However, no matter what level you decide to go with, you’ll easily get your money’s worth out of the game.

It’s unbelievably fun, endlessly rewarding, and one of our new found favorites on any gaming platform. 

Shadow Fight 2 is a perfect application, and gets a perfect score. 

Shadow Fight 2Shadow Fight 2 requires iOS4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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