Press Release: Bipfun Releases Baby Monitor PRO – Keeping an Eye on Your Kids and Knowing When They Wake Up Has Never Been Easier


June 4, 2014 – Aubagne, France – Baby Monitor PRO from Bipfun is an absolutely seamless way to use your iPhone, or iPad as a high-tech baby monitor. This app transforms your iOS device into a simple solution for keeping an eye on your little loved ones and sending you an alert when they wake up from a nap or a night’s sleep.

babymonitorpro1This app is built with the mindset of caring parents in mind. It allows attentive mothers and fathers to watch over their kids while playing or sleeping, from the next room or across the globe. What happens when you need some alone time or it’s 3 AM and you finally need to get some rest? Now, the solution couldn’t be easier or more accessible.

The app itself is incredibly easy to set up, and only requires two separate iOS Devices (iPhone and iPad can be linked directly together), a WiFi network and a user account. The parent’s device can activate the camera on the device near the baby and distance is not an issue. As long as both devices are connected to a WiFi network you can activate and see what your monitoring device sees.
It can also be quite important to use the option to enable the parent’s device to be seen and heard on the baby’s device. Standalone baby cams cannot do this.

This means that the app is going to work just as well when you’re 10 feet away, as it will when you’re traveling in another country. Since Baby Monitor PRO works when your device is in Airplane mode with wifi turned on, your baby or toddler won’t be disturbed by phone calls or text messages while the monitor is in use.

The Baby Monitor PRO allows users to choose from 12 separately themed animal nightlights, in addition to a dimming feature. The app will show you if your baby is asleep and will alert you once the baby wakes up. If your baby often makes noise without actually waking up, you can simply adjust the noise threshold to change when you’ll be notified of your baby’s behavior.

You can download the lite version for a free 30-day trial of this app. Once you’ve discovered that Baby Monitor PRO is infinitely more helpful than your typical baby monitor, you can choose whether to extend your 30-day period for another round at the low cost of $0.89, or to buy the full version for unlimited use at $3.99.

The Baby Monitor PRO application is an incredible tool for parents around the world, and is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. One of Bipfun’s other apps, Baby Songs (lullabies) has over one million downloads.


About the Developer:
Bipfun is a publishing company based in Aubagne, France. Their innovative company offers unique and original applications, focusing on childhood experiences. By utilizing the full capabilities of mobile technology, Bipfun is able to increase childhood wellness and parent happiness through effective programing and development. French Educational methods help to lead the direction of products created within the company, and focus primarily on the United States, Asia and Europe.

As a precaution, BIPFUN has chosen, for its entire catalog of baby apps, to neutralize 3G waves on devices next to babies while ensuring maximum performance to the applications.


Media Contact:
Aliou Doumbouya


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