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Text a Group – Fast Group SMS Message
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Reviewed by Adam Itkoff

Reviewed by Adam Itkoff

One of the most useful features that your iPhone brings to the table is the ability to message as many peers as you want, as individuals or as groups, utilizing the relatively seamless SMS messaging feature.

Now, there are new apps emerging that aim to simplify this process entirely. Text a Group, from Hugo Pereira, is a newly revitalized messaging app that makes group messaging a breeze. By bringing the number of clicks required to send texts down to two, this app streamlines the way you engage with SMS.


This app boasts an almost instant integration with your existing contacts. Simply download the app, which can download at lightning speeds due to the light 4.5MB size, and press “sync”.

This is an important feature especially considering most people’s hesitation when it comes to downloading a new SMS app. The question is, how happy are you with the messaging options that already exist within the standard iPhone presets? Does the built-in sms capabilities get the job done for you or are you always wishing there was a better way?

If that sounds like you, give this app a whirl. It allows you to create messages and groups as easily as you would when utilizing your standard preset contacts list.

You can also utilize iCloud from within the app, select routine synchronization dates for your contacts, select a color theme, and choose an in-app homepage. A truly healthy selection of features helps to bring this app over the top, and allows it to stand out from the pack when it comes to other SMS oriented apps in the App Store.

Text A Group iPhone App Review

Text A Group iPhone App Review

Concept and Functionality:

The concept of optimizing the texting experience for users is stellar, and Text a Group certainly has a definitive point to it. However, the actual functionality of the current app is probably the weakest point thus far. The app does need an update to fix one of its primary functions.

While the app ran flawlessly on an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.06 and one running 7.1.1, we did run into an issue with this app on an iPhone 5 running 7.1.1. On the iPhone 5 we synchronized the contacts, picked a favorite theme, and then clicked on the “Create a message” feature. However, hitting “To:” caused the app to crash four or five times in a row, even after reloading the app. We’re not sure what to make of this, it’s likely a fluke associated with the specific phone but we have to mention it in case it’s not.

Overall Value:

The app is initially free, with “Go Pro” options of $1.99 for texting a Group of 10, and $2.99 for texting an Unlimited Group.

With another update, this app will be hitting on all cylinders and we’re confident the developer either already has a fix for the issue we encountered ready to roll out or will remedy it soon. For now, the app is batting four for five and is well worth a try for those who group message a lot.

TQRText a Group requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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