How to Speed Up Your iPhone – 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

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We’ve all been there: You’re having a great time with your new, flashy iPhone. Everything is peaches and sunshine until, one day, you start to notice some slowdown. Then, that slowdown becomes unbearable. And before long, you feel like you don’t even know your mobile friend anymore.

But don’t fret! We’ve got five ways you can speed up your iPhone right now. Starting with:

1. Reboot Your Long-Suffering Device

When in doubt, turn it on and off again. And if you can’t remember the last time your phone had a rest, you need a reboot.

Over time your iPhone can become a bit confused. Flotsam and jetsam build up in the flash memory, and those leftover bits will clog up the works. How do you fix this? Just hold down the power button until the phone powers off. Then, tap the power button again.

You’re done! And your phone should be a whole lot snappier for it.

2. Clear Out the Junk!

Don’t be afraid to root around in that iPhone, and yank out anything and everything you don’t need. Haven’t played any of those ten Angry Birds variations you’ve got laying around? Get rid of them! Don’t remember why all those blurry photos are in your camera roll? Get them out of here.

If you give your iPhone more space to “think”, you’ll see tangible results almost instantly. And trust us on this: If you haven’t seen it in a while, it doesn’t need to be on your phone.

3. Keep the Bells & Whistles to a Minimum

Check your phone right now: What do you have on? Is Bluetooth running? What about your WiFi? Most importantly of all, is the tiny geolocation emblem hanging out in the upper right-hand corner?

Any one of these things presents a small drain on the battery and memory. Combine them with lots of running applications, and you’ve got some serious slowdown happening. Turn off what you’re not using, and only turn it back on when you’re in need. This will not only speed up your iPhone, but save your battery life, too.

4. Speed Up Safari by Emptying the Cache

Go into your Settings application, and look for the Safari badge. Tap it, and then tap “Clear Cookies and Data.” This will totally flush your cache, and should speed up your browsing experience dramatically.

This works on one basic principle. As you view the Internet, your iPhone saves bits and pieces of what you see so that it all loads more quickly on a revisit. But, this information is taking up space on the back-end. Getting rid of it allows you to move more quickly through Safari.

5. When Things Are Bad, Reset

If all this does nothing, and you’re still frustrated with your iPhone’s performance, then go nuclear. Backup your iPhone using iTunes, and then wipe all the data. You can do this from the iPhone itself first, or you can reset it in iTunes via “Restore From Backup.” Either way, this should totally clear out any leftover data that’s causing the slowdown.


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