How to Turn Your iPhone into a Media Powerhouse

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If you’re like us, you likely purchased your iPhone because of all its innovative features and hardware. This includes a lot of connectivity equipment, like Bluetooth, built-in WiFi, etc. Yet, we find that most users are not getting this most possible out of their iPhone’s potential. Are you sure you are?

If you’re looking to turn up the volume on your iPhone’s media capabilities, then use our handy tips below!

  • Get an Apple TV

The first thing we recommend you do is buy an Apple TV. They are inexpensive ($100 or less if you buy refurbished) and add mountains of potential to your device. They are also easy to setup, requiring no extra cables for most televisions. If you have a standard tele purchased at any major retailer, then the Apple TV will connect, we promise.

With your brand new, Apple-branded brick, you can use your iPhone to interact with your television. You can send any media from your iPhone to the big screen. Want to watch that funny video in a larger format? Click the “Apple TV” button that now appears inside your YouTube app. This will appear just by having the Apple TV, in case you were wondering. The video transfers instantly, and you’re set to roll.

The same mechanic works for games like Angry Birds, song players like Spotify, and a host of other media utilities. You can also use your iPhone as a standalone remote for the player, too.

  • Bluetooth Your Home & Car

Recently, we added Bluetooth speakers to our entire house. It isn’t as expensive as you think, and because of native Bluetooth support, the results have been incredible. With Spotify running on the iPhone, I am free to wander the house, without losing sound quality.

The same applies to your car. If you’re car already supports BT Audio and Phone Support, then make sure to connect your iPhone to the dash. This will allow you to go from your home to your car without losing a call.

  • Maximize Streaming Potential

Now matter how much hard drive space you’ve got, you can get more out of your iPhone’s media potential if you make the swap to streaming. Ensuring all your media is on the cloud allows you to do more with your device.

But how do you get the job done?

It’s simple: The iPhone comes packaged with iCloud support. This in conjunction with iTunes for all your rentals and purchases, means you’re ready to roll.

Don’t want to pay for iCloud? Get a premium DropBox account, and the move your iTunes music library to your local DropBox folder. Using the DB app for the iPhone, you can now take all your songs, videos, and audiobooks with you, and only using the Cloud. It’s safe, simple and will preserve a lot more room on your hard drive. That means more video games, and more media. It’s a win-win!


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