Press Release: Theta Software Lab Updates ccPing for iPhone, a Free App Providing Highly Secure Text Messaging


 May 16, 2014 – Singapore – Theta Software has updated their secure instant messaging service for iPhone.  ccPing.  It is ideal for anyone who would like a secure controlled environment in which to send and receive text messages.

ccping ss1ccPing incorporates a number of features that allow users to protect messages that are shared between each other, including a self destruct timer which deletes messages after a predetermined amount of time. Using this feature messages can be deleted after they are delivered, whether they are read or not, but users have the option of undoing this action in case a mistake is made.

When ultimate security is required, ccPing allow users to chat securely over TLS 1.2 secure transport channel. For even higher secure communication needs, ccPing allows users to scramble message content over the same TLS 1.2 secure transport channel. The scrambled message can only be unscrambled by the recipient with the same user-defined out-of-band password that is not stored within ccPing’s infrastructure. The message scrambling feature uses the Blowfish key derivation algorithm and AES-256 encryption. This ensures that unintended recipients cannot read your private conversations even if the mobile devices or computers are compromised. gave ccPing a rating of 5/5 stars and wrote, “You can optionally set messages to be deleted after a certain amount of time (60 to 300 seconds) after they’ve been delivered or read, which adds a neat secret agent vibe to the app.”

Users who would like to access ccPing from a variety of devices can login to one unique ccPing account anywhere from any device without missing any messages. This degree of continuity is almost unheard of and makes for a very seamless transition between devices.

ccPing for iPhone is available to download from the App Store for free. Desktop versions of ccPing can be downloaded via the ccPing website.

About the Developer:
Theta Software Lab is a software development company that resides in Republic of Singapore. Their focus is on building mobile application products and e-commerce web sites. Their flagship app, ccPing, is available on iPhone, Android, Windows, and an alpha version has just been released on the Mac.

Media Contact:
Desmond Chong, Founder
Theta Software Lab Pte Ltd
10 Eunos Road 8 #09-01C
Singapore Post Centre
Singapore 408600
Phone: +65 6742 0956


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