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TITAN: Olympus War
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Reviewed by Sara Clayton

Reviewed by Sara Clayton

It’s amazing to think just how much of a following anime genres have. There aren’t too many anime-themed mobile games out there, so when a game like Puzzles & Dragons hits the market, it tends to catch on with a pretty big crowd.

Not to mention, Greek mythology, with the likes of Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares and other big names, is popular among gamers as well.

So what do you get when you combine both anime and greek mythology in a mobile game? You get Titan: Olympus War, an exciting mobile game developed by KingKongGames.

Concept and Functionality:

Titan: Olympus War is not in the same category as more casual games like Flappy Bird or 2048. It’s a game that requires time and some commitment, but the more you get into it, the more enjoyable it becomes.

When you first start in the game, a couple of Greek gods introduce you to the game and show you how to navigate around the different controls in order to start building your community.

Every time you finish a quest, like building tent bakery or army, you are rewarded with resources that help you expand your city even more.

Once you’ve built up a strong enough city, you can start battling. Titan: Olympus War isn’t just a game for city-building — it’s also a multiplayer card battle, where you can play in single mode or in multiplayer mode.

Not to mention, you can also join clans within the game in order to conquer other cities, and build a sense of camaraderie with your fellow Titan: Olympus War players.

TITAN iPhone App Review

TITAN iPhone App Review


There’s no end to all of the features in Titan: Olympus War. There are so many, in fact, that the tab bar in the game lets you swipe left and right to choose the different features in the game.

It’s pretty amazing to see all of the components that the game offers. So many, however, that the game can get a little confusing at times. But once you get the hang of it, with the help of all the Greek Gods that navigate you through the game, you’ll become a master in no time.

Though you only get the option of choosing between three gods to play as in the beginning of the game, the more gods, archons and heroes you’ll be able to choose from, so the game gets more and more complex, but also more playable and addicting at the same time.

Daily rewards are also given to players who return to the game, which keeps the game fresh and fun.


Considering all that Titan: Olympus War offers, free is amazing and you can easily make the most of it. To reiterate, if you consider yourself more as a casual gamer than a more intense gamer, this game might not quite be up your alley.

If you’re ready to really be immersed in another world, ready to enjoy the incredible graphics in the game and ready to meet new people over the game, then look no further than Titan: Olympus War, a different kind of mobile gaming experience.

titan-qrTITAN: Olympus War requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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