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Quiz Poker
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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Quiz Poker is a different kind of game app by Armen Nikoghosyan. It challenges players to combine their trivia knowledge with a bit of card luck. Available for free through the iTunes Store, Quiz Poker promise to be an exciting new twist on an old favorite card game.


In a unique spin on a traditional game, Quiz Poker is an app that combines trivia questions with regular video poker play. The app currently boasts of featuring at least 13 different trivia categories, with a constantly expanding library of trivia questions.

However, not all of these categories are available in the free version; in-app purchases must be made to gain access to certain options like the “fashion” or “psychology” card sets.

Quiz questions are further broken down into categories of “easy,” “medium,” and “hard,” allowing players to learn new information as they test their luck with a hand of cards, and achievements earned within the game improve further game play by offering players with earned tools to help them out in tough spots.

At first glance it seems that there is no ranking system on types of poker hands—it looks like a player gets the same “payout” whether he has a pair or four-of-a-kind. But actually the app does have a ranking system (pay-table) that users can access this table through pay-table button at the upper right corner of the app .

Each hand gives players different outcome and their bet is multiplied by the winning hand variable plus the difficulty component of the trivia question. So if they answered easy question in multiplies by one x1 , normal questions by x2 and hard questions by x3.

So if you had four-of-a-kind and answered correctly to a hard question you get your BET multiplied; “bet*25*3” not “bet*1” as would be for an ordinary winning hand.

Although this game is certainly fun as it is, adding a few more features would certainly improve it. For example, a twist on the current version of Quiz Poker would be to make a multi-player option possible; that way, the game would be even more like “real” poker, just with the added twist of the trivia questions.

Quiz Poker iPhone Game Review

Quiz Poker iPhone Game Review

Appearance and Layout:

This app features well-designed graphics, including game play icons that are both practical and attractive. Additionally, the font choices for Quiz Poker are all easy to read, even when the game is played on the relatively small screen of an iPhone.

However, while the overall graphics of Quiz Poker are certainly appealing enough, sometimes the screen seems a bit cluttered and unattractive. Improvements could be made to create a cleaner, more streamlined layout for this app to improve its desirability.


Quiz Poker is a free game and its value is definitely pretty great. While in-app purchases are offered (mainly to purchase new quiz card sets), the collection of trivia questions already within the free version of the game should be more than ample to supply the average player for a good deal of play time.

Overall, Quiz Poker is a unique game, and while it could use some improvements, the current version is definitely great for its “free” price tag.

quizqrQuiz Poker requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. lluis says:

    You are wrong it has perfect ranking system , hit the Paytable button and you will see it

  2. Carlitos says:

    Perfect app who loves poker and trivia…

  3. Jaroslav says:

    Great App … Everyone should try this

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