Press Release: World iMagined Updates Engaging Puzzler Based on ‘Dots and Boxes’, PieRats for iOS


Frederiksberg, Denmark – April 30, 2014PieRats, developed and released by World iMagined, is a puzzler for the iOS platform that is simple to play, yet difficult to master. It is Dots and Boxes reimagined and is sure to please fans of puzzle games and online competitions.

pierats1PieRats takes an innovative approach to a classic puzzling genre. The game resembles its predecessor, Dots & Boxes, but offers a much-needed renovation. PieRats features a cartoony atmosphere with funny pirate avatars, scrumptious pies, and a variety of clever levels. The game is, according to the developers, a great fit for adults and children alike.

PieRats’ gameplay centers on a remove-to-conquer mechanic. Players remove one bone from the level each round. When all four bones surrounding a piece of pie vanish, that pie goes to the winning player. Pies create points, and at the end of the game, the player with the most points wins. This lends itself well to rapid-fire gameplay, and the occasional regrettable (or fortuitous) mistake.

The packaging provided by the developers makes the gameplay more fun than other puzzle games in part because of a variety of gameplay models. Competitors can play via single player, or online against their friends.

Here’s what had to say about PieRats: “It’s inventive, unique and buckets upon buckets of fun to play.” They also stated “We’ve not seen anything else like it in the App Store, and that’s a phenomenal achievement.”

World iMagined updated PieRats for iPhone on the 21st of April, 2014. Since they first launched it just over a year ago they have been providing steady improvements and quality updates. The single player campaign represents one such addition.

“What we’ve created is unlike anything else on the market,” says World iMagined CEO, Stig Rosenberg Holte. “[PieRats] unlike most puzzlers is fun and inviting. A child can play it, and we’ve designed it to be accessible to a younger audience. But at the same time, it’s just as entertaining for adults. The gameplay is not easy, but it is rewarding.”

PieRats is available in the App Store for free. It is currently compatible with iPhone and iPad, requiring iOS 5.1 or later. An Android version is available for free from the Google Play Store.

About the Developer:
World iMagined is an entertainment media company and the creator of PieRats. It was founded in 2012 as a children’s mobile games and interactive ebooks development studio. Today, World iMagined is driven by a desire to entertain and enlighten children in every part of the world. The company first released PieRats in early 2013. It is a casual puzzle game for smartphones & tablets. The headquarters of World iMagined is located in Denmark.

Media Contact:
Stig Rosenberg Holte
Frederiksberg, Denmark


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