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Press Release: World iMagined Updates Engaging Puzzler Based on ‘Dots and Boxes’, PieRats for iOS

Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Frederiksberg, Denmark – April 30, 2014 – PieRats, developed and released by World iMagined, is a puzzler for the iOS platform that is simple to play, yet difficult to master. It is Dots and Boxes reimagined and is sure to please fans of puzzle games and online competitions. PieRats takes an […]


Douglas Photo Calculator Is Simply A Gem For Photographers

Tweet Price: $6.99 Rating: Douglas Photo Calculator iPhone App Review by Here’s an app for all of you pro photographers out there, and serious amateurs as well. The Douglas Photo Calculator App, from Douglas Software, is a highly tuned machine that will let you make the exact calculations you need to get your photography just […]


WebDrive: Speedy, Secure, and Savvy File Sharing

Tweet Price: $4.99 Rating: WebDrive iPhone App Review by Looking for an app that will grant you the ability to access all of your personal and professional files from multiple sources? Then the WebDrive app from developer South River Technologies is the perfect app for you! It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod […]


Use OurMedDB to Keep Your Medical Information Organized

Tweet Price: $4.99 Rating: OurMedDB iPhone App Review by OurMedDB is designed by SZS Consultants LLC to hold all important medical information for family members in one secure iOS app. Available through the iTunes Store for about $5, this app boasts of being the perfect way to stay organized on all your current medical […]


Game Box Challenge Brings The Art of Trivia to Avid Gamers

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Game Box Challenge iPhone Game Review by If you are a video game savant, then Game Box Challenge, from MarketingRobot UK, is going to test your expertise through and through. This guessing game will challenge even the most seasoned gamers, and dabbles across multiple gaming genres with an array of […]


PieRats: Conquering Opponents One Bone at a Time

Tweet Price: Free Rating: PieRats iPhone Game Review by If you’ve been with us long here at the iPhone App Review, you’re likely aware of the fact that we go absolutely bonkers for puzzle games. We also happen to enjoy anything that has us playing our friends online. When you combine the two, you […]

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