Press Release: Flickr Images Make ‘Timeless’ a Countdown App with a Difference

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“How many sleeps to go?” Timeless can keep track for you


MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – March 7, 2014: Curve Tomorrow announces the immediate availability of their free iPhone app Timeless. Timeless uses a novel ‘countdown wheel’ set upon Flickr images to help users keep track of upcoming events. Users can easily share their countdown timers via Facebook, Twitter or Weibo and receive useful notifications of approaching events.

“Timeless is a great new app for counting down the days until an important event,” states Sarah Hanlon from The iPhone App Review. “This lightweight countdown timer can display multiple countdown dates in a streamlined and clean interface, making it a true pleasure to use.”

Curve Tomorrow have replaced the traditional digital countdown clock with a countdown wheel. This wheel graphically represents an entire year as a circle. Time remaining until an event is shown as a colored segment on this circle, allowing the user to visually determine how long until an event occurs. We intuitively perceive the flow of time in a circular motion, analogous to a clock face,” said Mohinder Jaimangal, Curve Tomorrow Founder,We wanted to create a timer app that captured that innate perception.”

Timeless consists of three screens: create a new event, summary of events, and detailed event information. This makes usage intuitive and navigation seamless. The user is prompted for minimal input when creating a new event: title, date and color. The new event is then added to the summary of events screen, which includes all active timers, ordered by number of days remaining in the countdown.

The detailed event information screen includes the number of hours, minutes and seconds remaining until an event and emphasizes the visual features of the countdown wheel. Random Flickr images are tiled behind the wheel, adding a creative element to the user experience.

Timeless also provides the user with iPhone notifications of an approaching event, at convenient preset intervals and allows sharing of events via social media.

Curve Tomorrow has prioritized ease of use and integrated unique artistic features to create an app suitable for all ages. “There are thousands of countdown apps available for download out there, so what makes this one so special? Well for starters its beautiful to look at,” Bess Couture, AppsHappens.

Pricing and availability

Timeless is available now for free download from the App Store and is designed for use with the iPhone with iOS 7.

About Curve Tomorrow

Curve Tomorrow is an innovation technology firm located in Melbourne, Australia. Their objective is to see business opportunities before they occur and create innovations that curve the path of the future.

Through their experience, tools and techniques Curve Tomorrow focuses on improving the innovation capability of their customers, identifying market opportunities and creating innovative concepts to meet these opportunities.

Screen shots and video review available at:

Media Contact:

George Charalambous
Curve Tomorrow
+61 400 221 279
Melbourne, Australia


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