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As people around the US get ready to celebrate one of the countries most patriotic holidays, President’s Day, we figured that we would assess the app marketplace and look at some of the most valuable, informative and fun apps available for this President’s Day.


All of these apps touch on the patriotic celebration in some fashion or another, whether it’s keeping you in the loop about the White House and it’s current announcements, reading up on our countries past to bolster your historical background, or just playing a wild zombie spin off that’s thematically tied into the good ‘ol US of A.

We wish you a happy holiday and hope you enjoy our Top 5 Apps for President’s Day.

1.) The White House – Free

This official app allows you to put your ear to the ground when it comes to Washington, DC. From the White House blog, to photos and live updates, just about everything you may want to know that’s being divulged from the White House will be covered by this app.

For President’s Days and other USA emphatic occasions, this totally free app is worth its weight.

2.) World Book – This Day In History for iPad – Free

This app is going to bootstrap all of that fine history knowledge that you probably forgot about after passing AP history back in eleventh grade. The interactive calendar displays significant historical events from “this day in history” and looks great on the iPad.


It allows you to catch up on the momentous historical events that you may have forgotten, allowing you to pass the glorious narrative on to future generations.

3.) US Presidents (American President Life History)  –$0.99

Can you rack up the name of every American president in alphabetical order? If not download this app to get up to speed and prep for President’s day. This app will give you a life history and biography of each president, including name, images, and dates served.

This app is definitely one of the most comprehensive Presidential apps on the market, and at only a buck, will probably be well worth it after your tax refund.

4.) Britannica Kids: US Presidents – $1.99

Here is a remarkably clear and well-polished app that is designed with all of those young patriots in mind. You’ll find sparkling pictures, quizzes and more in this handy little app. Perfect for a child who is preparing for the holiday or wishing to achieve well in a social studies class.

5.) Zombie Presidents Attack –Free


Here is a curveball in our rotation, Zombie Presidents Attack. Once you’ve learned all about your country and the Presidents, why not relax with a hilarious little presidential zombie game.

This game allows you to play as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and more as they throw water balloons and wreak presidential havoc, clearly celebrating the end of a successful term. Enjoy this and all of these other splendid apps and have an excellent holiday this President’s Day!


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