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Sudoku Adventure
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Reviewed by Marilyn Chan

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Sudoku Adventure provides iOS users with a fun twist to traditional Sudoku. Created by Eye of Shooga, this app challenges players to complete Sudoku puzzles while also providing them with a charming storyline and characters to motivate their problem-solving skills.


As its name suggests, Sudoku Adventure is an app that combines traditional Suduko puzzles/challenges with “adventurous” story characters.

Appropriately, the characters in the tales of this app are all super-hero numbers, and the storyline is full of math-related jokes that are sure to please any math nerds out there. However, for the general public, the math-wit will probably be lost on many and the storyline will simply seem a bit dull.

Sudoku Adventures features multiple levels, allowing everyone from beginners to advanced Sudoku players to enjoy a challenging experience. Additionally (pun-intended!), the game allows players to collect numerous ranks and rewards through accomplishing various challenges throughout the levels of the app.

Personally, I found Sudoku Adventure to be a charming game with a witty storyline, even though not all of the jokes made me “lol.”

Sudoku Adventure iPhone Game Review

Sudoku Adventure iPhone Game Review

Overall, Sudoku Adventure will appeal to Sudoku fans looking to spice up the traditional challenges a bit, but it probably won’t have as strong an appeal to those who prefer an extremely traditional, streamlined Sudoku experience.

Appearance and Layout:

No complaints can really be made about the layout of Sudoku Adventure. It’s an app that has been carefully created to provide for a very logical, practical layout for maximal ease in user navigation. The overall appearance of the app is also adequate; while I didn’t think the graphics of the storyline comics were anything exceptionally praiseworthy, they weren’t blatantly bad either. Basically, I found that the graphics of this game to be cute, but not particularly commendable—the comic approach of the storyline is probably a stronger pro than the story pictures themselves are.


Sudoku Adventure is currently available through the iTunes Store for $1.99. This is a relatively low fee, and for avid players of Sudoku or devote lovers of numbers, this app will seem well-worth its price.

However, for the majority of iOS users, the price of Sudoku Adventure will probably deter them from trying out the app; even though the added twists throughout the app are entertaining, most users probably will still just find traditional (and free) Sudoku apps to be ample for their needs.

sudokuqrSuduko Adventure iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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