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MarginNote Reader – Take notes on PDF,ePub & Outline with MindMap & Sync to Evernote
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Are you someone who learns and retains information better by taking notes? Are you already using EverNote? MarginNote Reader from developer Sun Min will conveniently compile all of your note taking and outlining together so you can eliminate carrying around multiple notebooks, losing papers, and take notes in the style that works best for you.


The MarginNote Reader app opens up with a very thorough and detailed introduction on how to use the app.

For starters, some basic features include text highlighting, note editing and additions, and outlining. Hold onto the text area of the page then drag to highlight the text.

You can also highlight single word text by holding onto the word and selecting “highlight”, and to create a box around a specific text set simply hold onto the white area of the page and then drag to create the box border.

Tap on various areas of the text to change the color of the highlight and edit the notes themselves. For outlining, swipe various directions and lengths to increase, delete, and change the order of the notes.

The app doesn’t stop there, though, it also offers additional handy functions such as view/display formatting, multiple outline formatting, and so much more.

Appearance and Layout:

MarginNote Reader iPhone App Review

MarginNote Reader iPad App Review

With a very minimalistic appearance, outlining and note taking is made easy and clear with very little to no distractions.

Its neat and clean cut layout also enhances the overall look of the app, and provides a unique touch to the traditional note taking process.

A nice touch is the added bonus of the helpful tips, users finding their way around the app and making the most out of its functions and tools is a breeze. Plus, the tutorial is always accessible at any time for additional reference.


For the MarginNote Reader app being offered at no charge, it boasts and lives up to its many features and tools.

It is a very useful and beneficial tool for students, business employees, and even instructors.

Never stress about losing numerous papers or lugging around heavy binders and notebooks. Have all of your notes and outlines conveniently stored and available for you at any time and any place while on the go with MarginNote Reader.

Margin3MarginNote Reader app is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review. 

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