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Reviewed by Sara Clayton

Reviewed by Sara Clayton

As more customers get skeptical about advertising and marketing, the harder it gets others to listen to what you have to say about your platform or project.

But through talking to potential customers with good content and giving them an insider’s look at what the company you represent does, marketing starts to play a different role. Email marketing, for example, is a type of marketing that has become especially popular as of late.

CakeMail, from CakeMail, an email marketing software company, has developed an app that allows you to stay up-to-date with the success of your campaigns.

Concept and Functionality:

Sometimes, you can’t always plan on working from your computer when it comes to work. Things come up and access to a computer is not usually one of the first things people find when out and about.

But for marketers, especially those with a special interest in email marketing, this lack of a computer won’t phase them anymore with the CakeMail app. This app is meant for customers that already have CakeMail accounts, so when you are first brought to the homepage, they will ask you for your login information.

If you don’t plan on buying this software, unfortunately, you will not be able to access the app. But if you do use CakeMail, then you’re in luck — you have now made life a little easier for yourself.

The only aspect that is different between the website and the mobile app is that for the latter, you cannot create campaigns on-the-go. But let’s face it. If you’re going to be sending out a newsletter to however many people out there, chances are that you’d probably come out with a better product when sitting and concentrating at your guest.

CakeMail also offers other services in its app including registering new customers and establishing new contacts, checking a campaign’s success in detail and tracking a campaign’s success in terms of subscriber growth and list growth

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CakeMail iPhone App Review


Unlike a lot of marketing tech apps and websites, CakeMail is very hip. The interface works with great color schemes and the clean font that’s used. As quick and painlessly as possible, you can sign up new customers and readers almost immediately with the CakeMail app.

As much as business people tend to like their Times New Roman and white copy paper, CakeMail will be sure to change their minds when it comes to something silly such as beautifully-decorated room .


Though there are other email marketing software out there, what makes CakeMail different from these hotshots is its modern-looking interface and intuitive swipes and gestures.

The appearance of this app is beautiful, and makes you want to pay for the software just so you use it. What is also great about the CakeMail app is the fact that signing up new readers is a very simple task to do.

To each reader, you can tag him or her with what you know (and don’t know) about him or her and the app will separate these people into different categories. As a one-person party, I would not get CakeMail.

I don’t have enough friends who’d like to sign up for my own personal newsletter, and even if I see on the analytics that they didn’t read it, it wouldn’t be very important to me.

CakeMail is a brilliant app for startups and companies alike, however, and the combination of this free app and the web version is terrific, I highly recommend it.

Best of all, for those who want to give it a “test drive” before buying, there is also an ad-supported free version available. pixol-qr

CakeMail requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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