Press Release: Baby Songs for iPhone and iPad Calms and Soothes Young Ones with Classic Lullabies



February 12, 2014 – France – Parents who are seeking a helpful app that will complement their child’s naptime ritual will be interested to learn about Baby Songs. This unique parenting tool includes many features, such as a variety of included lullabies and the ability for parents to record their own voice.

Baby Songs comes with 16 free lullabies that can be played individually or shuffled. These classic songs include popular titles such as “Frère Jacques”, Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”, and Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”. There are many more songs and albums which can be purchased separately within the app.

When a child cries or screams while the Auto Mode feature in Baby Songs is enabled, the app will immediately resume the most recent lullaby. The song will continue to play until ambient background noise has significantly lessened. had this praise for the app “There’s no doubt that these sweet and soft melodies will surely win over both babies and parents alike.”

Parents who would like to pacify children with their voice can do so using the custom recording feature available in Baby Songs. This feature also allows parents to import songs into Baby Songs from their iPhone or iPad’s music app.

According to Bipfun, the publisher of Baby Songs, “When baby cries or makes noise… the application detects the sound and then plays lullabies or any other personal song you want to calm her. The original library contains lullabies and soothing sounds but you can record your own songs and your own voice.”

The developers of Baby Songs recently added a video playback feature to the app, which entertains children with videos and animations. These videos can be unlocked via in-app purchase.

Baby Songs is available to download from the App Store for free and is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad. Additional lullabies can be purchased within the app.


About the Developer:

Bipfun utilizes their knowledge of multimedia and mobile marketing to publish a wide range of products to meet their needs and the needs of their partners. Based in France, the group’s main focus is publishing apps that help support early childhood development.


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Aliou Doumbouya


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