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Valentine’s Day Apps Roundup by TheiPhoneAppReview.com

Though you may have had a significant other for a while now, Valentine’s Day acts as a special reminder as to why you love that person — and sometimes showing it in the form of chocolates, teddy bears and red roses doesn’t always hurt.


But the chocolates will be eaten, the teddy bear will get raggedy and the red roses won’t stay alive forever, so what can stand the test of time when it comes to love? Apps.

Since there are many apps out there for couples, and singles who want to be couples, I’ve helped narrow down the best of the best lovey-dovey apps in the App Store, and have also thrown in a couple of apps for those that aren’t particularly in love with the idea of Valentine’s Day.


Facebook’s great for putting up photos and all, but wouldn’t it be great if you and your loved one had a social network all to yourselves, where you both could send as many mushy messages to each other and post as many photos as you wanted without getting teased by your friends?

Avocado is an app that is private to everyone else but open to you and your loved one.

In this app, there is a newsfeed for the two of you, where you can post photos, scribble a doodle, check-in to a place and even hug or kiss each other with Avocado’s heartfelt and interactive way of showing love.

To hug, you hold your phone to your heart until the phone vibrates and to kiss, you simply peck a photo of your honey on the phone.

If you want to put future dates into a calendar, Avocado gives you that capability so that neither of you will forget about important events.

And don’t worry about forgetting important dates — before Avocado lets you play around with the app, it makes sure that you input your anniversary and birthdays so that you won’t forget. The app also allows you to create lists, so that the two of you can add or edit to bucket lists or grocery lists.

It’s the ultimate couples app, and if anything, Avocado is sure to make your relationship even stronger.


Delightful Dates

If you’ve gone on a lot of dates with your boyfriend or girlfriend, sometimes it gets difficult to think of other date ideas. Though it’s still grounded in San Francisco, Delightful is an app that lets you choose from a variety of date ideas based on categories.

These categories include “Dates Under $50,” which includes yoga dates and comedy shows, as well as “Learn Something New,” which includes D.J. classes and even fishing lessons.

Once you decide on a fun date, you can read more information about it and, when you’re ready, go check out. In addition to the date itself, by ordering a date through Delightful, you will also get a 30-day trial membership, which will include VIP reservations, access to on-call concierge and even discounts on future dates.

Delightful is a beautiful and easy-to-use app, and is definitely worth giving a try. Even if you are not in the San Francisco area, this app is still great to use if you need some inspiration to plan out your next date.

HowAboutWe Dating

On the other hand, if you have an idea for a Valentine’s date but just don’t have that special someone to go out with, HowAboutWe is a site with a great app that allows you to share date ideas with the community and hope that someone out there will take you up on the idea.

The app is very interactive, and lets you scroll through various potential Valentines with date ideas. If you happen to be smitten by either the idea or the person first, it doesn’t really matter — you can take the next step and express your interest in the date and the person.

And who knows — maybe it’ll just be a one-time Valentine’s date or maybe HowAboutWe might help you find the love of your life!

Couple Wallpaper

Do you and your significant other own a two-part necklace, a necklace in which each of you own half of a heart? Let’s face it — it’s cute, but cheesy. But what’s even cheesier is the Couples Wallpaper app, which lets you create your own two-part background for your phones.

When you want to create one of these backgrounds, you go to “add” to save your photo and then the app will automatically split the photo you uploaded into halves so that you can have half of the photo and your significant other can have the other half.

Just make sure that, unless you want to share these photos with the rest of the Couples Wallpaper community, make sure that you turn off the “Share” switch.


Otherwise, if you want inspiration or are looking for other potential Couple Wallpapers, you can always browse through the “New” and “Popular” sections to see what other people have been uploading as backgrounds. So embrace being a cute couple with coupley wallpapers!

Disney Where’s My Valentine?

No Valentine’s app list could be complete without a game, so what better game to be lovey-dovey with than Disney’s “Where’s My Valentine?”. Like the popular line of “Where’s My Water” and “Where’s My Mickey?”, the gameplay is similar, except for the fact that the obstacles are able to incorporate some sort of heart shape in a very clever way.

This game, unlike the others, lets you choose between Swampy, first presented in a heart-shaped chocolate box, and Perry, hiding inside of a giant teddy bear. The courses are different for each character, so even if you might finish the game with one, you always have the other one to play as.

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, at least “Where My Valentine?” is a game that will keep all people entertained, whether you’re celebrating with someone or not.

Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, but these apps are here to stay. Be sure to grab some candy hearts, try out one of these great apps on this special day.


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