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Use One Color Pro for Cool Photo and Video Effects!

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating: One Color Pro iPhone App Review by One Color Pro, a photo and video app by ARIOS, allows users to easily take photos or videos featuring one prominent color. Unlike other such apps where this “color feature” effect must be applied during a post-editing process, One Color Pro lets users […]


Downloading Check List++ Pro Should Be First On Your To-Do List!

Tweet Price: $0.99 Rating: Check List++ Pro (The world most intuitive and fastest checklist) iPhone App Review by Promo Code Giveaway! (see below for promo codes) What to do when life gets too hectic? Throw your responsibilities to the wind and board a plane to Hawaii? Perhaps. But who will feed the cat? Who […]


Counting Together! Brings Real Math Skills to iOS

Tweet News Item: Counting Together! Price: Free Written by Luke Patrick We’ve said it before many times here on the site, so forgive us for saying it again: But we just can’t get over how useful iOS is as an educational tool. Every time we think we’ve seen it all, some developer comes out with […]