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Radar Love
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Reviewed by Adam Itkoff

Reviewed by Adam Itkoff

Dating apps are a huge market that have only begun to blossom. Where you can find people, you’re also probably bound to find some sort of chemistry and sparks flying between said people.

Love and romance is a dynamic marketplace that only well refined software is prepared to fully capitalize on.

You’ve probably heard of apps and websites like OKCupid and Tinder, and I’ve even personally reviewed a handful of dating apps in the last few weeks alone

Radar Love, from The Social Dating Company B.V., is a new app that is prepared to mingle with the best of them. It’s a clean and glowing dating app that’s prepared to emphasize GPS functionality to maximize real-time matching.

While it boasts plenty of features that have already been explored within the dating app world, it brands, packages and delivers on its location-centric capabilities to carve out a marketplace of its own.


When you first login to this app, you’ll need to confirm that you’re 17 years old or older. Then, to fully maximize the capability of this app, you’ll want to allow it access to your GPS, and that’s where the fun begins.

Radar Love iPhone App Review

Radar Love iPhone App Review

Complete three major stages of profile completion, including email address, username, hobbies and more.

You’ll notice that none of these features are groundbreaking, but that aesthetically this app beats out OKCupid by miles and miles.

Instead of using repetitive color schemes and outdated graphics, this app utilizes gradients, shading, and dimensions to create a highly dynamic and pleasing app overall.

Begin chatting, flirting, messaging, perusing and more to find the match of your dreams.

Since the app is in a beginning stage, you won’t find the hoards of dating contestants you might in more established apps, but I have a definite feeling that Radar Love will carve out a significant following of its own in a matter of time.

Concept and Functionality:

Radar Love takes the dating game and capitalizes on it in an extremely effective way. Cut right to the chase and set something up in person is the name of the game where “radar” comes before “love”.

While other apps feature “location” functionality, this app brands this feature in a unique and sexy manner.

The app runs smoothly and clearly demonstrates some high-end capability from the developers. Since the first week of use is totally free, we think that a download will be completely worth your while.

Overall Value:

The app is currently free, and is scheduled to roll into separately packaged price points as the app progresses. Users can opt in for a $0.99 a month plan (far cheaper then OKC or other competitors), purchase a three-month plan for $1.99, or a twelve-month membership for $9.99.

With bright aesthetics, niche functionality, competitive pricing and excellent branding, we think that Radar Love is definitely worth a go.


Radar Love requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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