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Written by Sarah Hanlon

For those who are looking for a new game to try, there’s QuizQuad from poowadol singkamanee. This unique and free 2D tank game for iPhone and iPad plots players against enemy tanks that are seeking to destroy them.

quizquadQuizQuad is a cooperative tank game that focuses on working together with two other automated tanks in order to destroy enemy targets. The goal of the game is to destroy all enemies on the battlefield within three minutes while staying alive.

Players can control their tank by tapping on their screen in the direction they want their tank to move. Tanks can move up, down, left, and right, and will only travel as far as the player taps. Tanks will automatically fire when an enemy is in sight.

QuizQuad features old-school graphics, which should attract players who enjoy nostalgic games. There are a plethora of items which can be picked up during gameplay. These items will give players various boosts and abilities.

Players can easily save their progress in QuizQuad thanks to a handy save and restore feature, as well as select which level they would like to play. This can be done using a sliding bar format to select numbers.

QuizQuad is supported by ads. Though ads appear on the battlefield during gameplay, the developer has stated that ads will move when a player’s tank is beneath them.

Users who would like to unlock stages 22 to 265 and disable ads must complete an in-app purchase of an undetermined amount.

QuizQuad is developed by Poowadol Singkamanee and can be downloaded from the App Store for free. The game is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad.


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