Pixol: Giving a Whole New Meaning to the Picture Puzzle!


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Reviewed by Sara Clayton

Reviewed by Sara Clayton

When it comes to puzzle apps, sometimes they can get pretty formulaic. Be it finding the missing piece or guessing what the full image is, it’s difficult coming across a puzzle app that gets you really excited.

But the search is over with Red Fish Mood-developed Pixol, a new app that combines stunning photos from Instagram with playful and original effects that spice up the traditional picture puzzle app.

Concept and Functionality:

What makes Pixol stand out the most among other picture puzzles is that the photos that are used are from 25 talented photographers from Instagram. So when you play Pixol, you not only enjoy the game aspect of the app, but also get the chance to enjoy the photos you are putting together.

In fact, if you come across a photo you really like, if you’ve connected Pixol with your Instagram account, you can like the photo or follow the photographer on Instagram.

The goal of Pixol is to match cut-outs from the photo to places where they fit in the photos. However, there’s a catch – in addition to seeing what fits where, the cut-outs don’t stay put. In fact, just to make things trickier, these cut-outs will spin in circles, bounce, jiggle and much more. Though it can be a little frustrating at first, the challenge becomes really fun.

Pixol iPhone Game Review

Pixol iPhone Game Review


If you don’t connect your Instagram account to Pixol, unfortunately, you won’t have as many types of puzzles to play. But even then, Pixol is still entertaining. Throw Instagram into the mix and suddenly you have five more types of puzzle games to play: feed (your feed), likes (the photos you’ve liked), user (lookup a certain user), yours (your own Instagram photos!) and tag (photos with specific hashtags).

If you’re not the best at Pixol at first or you’re finding that it’s too easy for you, you can always change up the level of difficulty. And, if there’s a child around that wants to play with Pixol, you can opt to the kids level, which contains an extra set of 60 animal photos.

Though you’ll have to have wifi when playing with your connected account, the fun doesn’t have to stop if you don’t have any internet connection. Pixol also operates without wifi, which makes it the perfect app to bring along with you on subway rides or plane trips.


Pixol is definitely an original app. Because there are so many options available to change the game up based on Instagram, you’ll have lots of fun figuring out your own photos or photos with the hashtag “pugs.”And since the pieces of the puzzle don’t make winning the game easier, you’ll never be bored as opposed to tedious, standard puzzles.

In terms of mental sharpness, Pixol keeps you on your toes and hones in on helping you focus and keep calm.

Whether you like picture puzzles or not, Pixol is certainly an app that will keep you both amused and admiring.

pixol-qrPixol requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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