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Reviewed by Sara Clayton

Reviewed by Sara Clayton

It’s difficult not to give you information away these days, whether it be through signing up for new accounts on websites or opting into newsletters. This type of data is needed to get to know who you are or help you create a rich user profile. Sometimes, however, it’s not always obvious whether your data is being used or not, especially when it comes to location data. With just one photo, people can figure out where and when the photo was taken and even on what type of device it was taken.

On the other hand, with Loooks, an app developed by Takahiro Ishihara, you won’t have to worry about anyone cracking the code to your personal data.

Concept and Functionality:

The goal of Loooks isn’t something that would first stand out to the ordinary iPhone user. For many apps, including camera apps, we like to leave our location service on because it’s always fun to show the cool places you’ve been to or peg your previous locations on a map.

You might not want to have your location tagged to every photo, however. For instance, if you’re sending a photo to a stranger or posting it on a website, it might be safer for you to take off the location information.

If you’re concerned, you can import your photos to Loooks, which can delete the Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format) data, (i.e. photo resolution, format, file size, etc.), attached to the photo as well as GPS data (i.e. latitude, longitude, altitude, etc.). If you’re more curious than worried about the data, you can simply import your photos and have them read for information such as phone software, exposure time and location.

Loooks iPhone App Review

Loooks iPhone App Review


Loooks has a very straightforward appearance. You mainly work with one main page that changes whenever a photo is imported. And aside from this one main page, there are several different buttons. The top left-hand corner pulls up the current photo, while the top right-hand corner lets you import another photo.

Using the photos you’ve imported, you can also create a new album for the photos you’ve protected on Loooks, so you won’t get your data-loaded photos mixed up with your Loooks photos. Once you’ve finished updating your photo, Loooks also lets you share directly from the app to either a social network platform or to another app.


After the NSA outings and controversy, people are not taking granted of their privacy any longer. New technology also makes it easier to dig up more information about others with less clues and resources than ever before.

With Loooks, you will have one less privacy-invasive aspect of your photos and smartphone to worry about. No longer will you have to fret about someone finding out your location when you take a photo — you are free to take as many photos as you’d like and share them anywhere with anyone with Loooks.

Best of all, for those who want to give it a “test drive” before buying, there is also an ad-supported free version available.

pixol-qrLoooks requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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