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Faceless VPN Connection
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

You might not expect it, but VPN services for the iPhone are actually a rather large portion of the application market. In fact, we’ve seen just about as many as could possibly exist over the years. At least, we’d thought we had.

However, Faceless VPN Connection, from Bergarius Limited, is miles ahead of the competition. It provides incredibly simple setup, a fair price tag, and more than enough security to hold our interest.

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Concept and Functionality

To explain the concept of a VPN, all we need to do is give you a short example: You use a public WiFi hotspot at your local coffee shop, someone nearby taps into the stored server information, and your identity is stolen. How do you avoid that? Simple! You use Virtual Private Network solutions, like Faceless VPN Connection, which create a “cover” for you.

There’s a lot of computer science involved here, but we’ll skip all of that in order to simply say that a VPN fabricates a sort of “tunnel” that you view the Internet through. It all but guarantees no one can track you. And this is exactly what Faceless VPN Connection has to offer the average iPhone user.

When you purchase and setup the application (the latter of which is completely automated thanks to some brilliant coding) you are instantly allowed to channel data through the Faceless servers. No matter where in the world you physically are, it seems as though you’re routed through their location.

This is insanely useful, and though you can use this technology all of the time to safeguard your interests, you don’t necessarily have to. Concerned that your bank transfer might be tapped into? Just boot up Faceless VPN Connection and use it for that instance. This saves space, and can potentially save you a whole lot of money.

A quick note: Faceless VPN Connection also removes blocks on your websites. Can’t see Facebook in the office? Huzzah! Now you can.

Design and Interface

Faceless VPN Connection for iPhone

Faceless VPN Connection for iPhone

As mentioned before, we’ve tried our hand at a number of these kinds of apps. However, Faceless VPN Connection is easily our favorite, and for one specific reason. It’s incredibly simple to setup, so much so that all you need really hit is a button.

Beyond this, the interface that Faceless VPN Connection is supporting itself is actually quite good looking. That’s a rarity in this neck of the tech woods. In other words, the beautiful simplicity of the application itself also comes with a whole host of solid functionality.

That’s all we ask for in an app—and Faceless VPN Connection delivers in spades.

Overall Value

If you can’t tell, we like Faceless VPN Connection a lot. With that in mind, if you’re eager to have a new, shiny VPN solution on your iPhone, we can hardly recommend anything else over Faceless VPN Connection.

It’s free to download the app, though a continued subscription beyond the free trial will require a small monthly contribution.

Faceless VPNFaceless VPN Connection requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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