Buzz Your Way Through Obstacles in the Bumblebee Game!


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Bumblebee Game
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Reviewed by Sara Clayton

Reviewed by Sara Clayton

It’s a nice day outside. You decide to fly around for a bit and admire the sky and the trees. There are some flowers you can’t help but stop by and admire as you buzz around happily.

But then, out of nowhere — ow! Something sharp jabbed you from the side. Was that a thorn? Unfortunately, you won’t know because suddenly, you’re surrounded by darkness…

It’s a good thing you’re not actually a bee, but it certainly would be fun to see from a bee’s perspective. The Bumblebee Game, developed by Maze Software, allows you to play as a cute bumblebee that needs to collect flowers while avoiding a variety of obstacles.

Concept and Functionality:

Bumblebee is an intuitive game because it uses a lot of the same functionalities as other maze games — but at the same time, this familiarity makes things a lot better.

Using what you know about touch-driven game, your main goal is to navigate the bumblebee through the maze for as long as you can while collecting as many flowers as possible. Just make sure your steer the little guy away from thorns and falling leaves or else it’s game over.

Because you’ll get a feel for the game pretty quickly, you won’t need to read any instructions or go through any obligatory sample gameplay. However, since the game can be tricky, you can run through the basics of the game with tutorials first.

In this section, you’ll be introduced to all of the possible obstacles and power-ups you may run into in the game — though you might not see all of them until you get really good.

The power-ups you’ll want to fly through include the shield, which will make you invulnerable to any obstacle and the ghost which will shroud you in invisibility and hide you from enemies.

There are, unfortunately, many more bad things that can get in the bumblebee’s way. Such obstacles include strong winds that can slow down your bumblebee and even math paths, which will force you to make quick calculations and choose the correct path by choosing the correct answer.

Though the basis of the game is simple, with all of these elements of surprise thrown in, the Bumblebee Game becomes much more unpredictable, fun and challenging.


Bumblebee Game iPhone Game Review


No two mazes are the same in Bumblebee, which means that you won’t be replaying the same path over and over, unlike a lot of mobile maze games out there. The maze designs are all well-thought out, and the look of the app is very cutesy.

The bumblebee, for instance, is bright yellow and adorably pudgy, and only puts more pressure on you not to let the bumblebee get attacked.

After every game, your score — no matter how poorly you did — will be recorded on the Bumblebee game chart, and can even be recorded in the Game Center too.


Cute and a little challenging, the Bumblebee Game will definitely keep you entertained. Everything from the cartoonish look of the app to the surprises at every turn of the game will keep you playing, attempting to get farther into the sky each time.

The Bumblebee Game is simple, and it’s simply fantastic!

BumblebeeBumblebee Game requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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