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Bouncers Adventures
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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Bouncers Adventures, by SnapStorm Technologies, is promoted as being a fast-paced game with challenging objectives. While the regular version of the app costs $0.99 through the iTunes Store, a “lite” version of the game is also available for free as well.


The name of this app is no lie. Players act as a bouncing blob to collect coins during a limited period of time.

Successfully completing the level during the time period allows Bouncers Adventures’ players to be awarded with the coins they’ve managed to grab during that time, and these coins can then be used to unlock things like helpful power-ups that should make completing levels a bit easier.

While each level of Bouncers Adventures is unique, the same basic principles are played out throughout the whole app; similar to old-school “Mario-type” Nintendo games, players in this app must jump (bounce) through obstacles on the levels while avoiding danger zones.

Overall, I felt that while Bouncers Adventures was a fun app, its lack of complete originality did cost it one star.

Bouncers Adventures iPhone App Review

Bouncers Adventures iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

As I already mentioned, Bouncers Adventures is a fun app and one aspect of it that is quite nice is its simple to navigate user interface. First-time users are presented with step-by-step instructions for how to best face the challenges they are presented with during a level of the app.

Since the app is so similar to many other games, however, some users could probably just skip these instructions overall and still figure out the game on their own perfectly well.

The graphics for Bouncers Adventures are fine but nothing to shout about. The main character is a bouncy blob so not much can be said for “character details.”

Still, the app’s designers did a good job with finding ways to make the graphics of their game more interesting—from decently detailed coin images to fun costumes to dress your “bouncer” with.


Overall Bouncers Adventures is a fun and entertaining app, but it seems fairly similar in principle to a lot of other games already on the market today. Because of this, it seems most practical for users to just try out the “lite” version of the app before committing to actually purchasing the full version.

Of course, regardless of how similar you may think it is to other games, you may agree that it’s fun to play and worth having on your phone. In that case go ahead and spend the buck, you’ll no doubt be glad you did.


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