5 Essential Apps for New Drivers

Distracted driving fatalities involving a cell phone accounted for 18 percent of all deaths, according to distraction.gov. But when used properly, a smartphone is a major boon to a driver, especially new drivers.

Car-related apps come in many handy forms, from auto responding to your text messages when the car is in motion to remembering just where you parked at the mall. Take a look at the five most helpful apps for new drivers:

gasbuddyFind My Car

Even when you’ve been driving for some time, figuring out where you left your car at a music festival, in a parking garage or even a large parking lot is sometimes difficult. Find My Car uses your phone’s GPS to guide you back to your vehicle without you wandering around for hours on end, trapping in row after row of never-ending cars to find yours.

Gas Buddy

Gas prices didn’t mean much to you before you were driving around, but now they’re critically important.

When you run into multiple gas stations on your normal commuting routes, it pays to know exactly which one is the best to stop at.

Gas Buddy is also handy if you don’t actually know where the nearest gas station is. All of the information in Gas Buddy gets reported by its user community.

They give incentives for users sending in gas prices through points. These points apply toward prize giveaways that Gas Buddy runs for its entire user community.

On-street parking in cities is a confusing prospect in many situations. Some have odd time restrictions for parking, others require you to move cars for street cleaning, and still others only allow cars with specific parking permits in the spaces.

tixalertTix Alert

Instead of wrapping your head around your city’s insanity, let Tix Alert do it for you. This app helps you avoid parking tickets by letting you know where is and is not safe to park on the street.

[Your Insurance Co. Here] App

When shopping for a new car or getting an insurance quote, ask the agent if the company has its own mobile app (or just search for its name in the App Store).

Many major insurance companies have a companion app which you can use to easily access insurance information, file claims and send pictures to the insurance adjuster.


Many wireless service providers and third-party app developers offer apps that automatically disable texting whenever the phone senses that the car is in motion.

These apps help you cut down distractions and drive safe, but DriveScribe actually rewards you for your safe driving and holds you accountable when you perform unsafe maneuvers.

The rewards are points that go toward gift cards at popular retailers, while the deterrent involves texting a list if you run a stop light or perform another traffic violation.


Guest Author: Tiffany Ericsson develops educational apps for elementary-age children. She’s also a crock pot cooking whiz.

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  1. Panda says:

    I have an app that is easy to use and free for my phone. It’s called the Off Button. One touch, and the phone automatically routes all calls to voicemail, and stores all txts for when it’s safe to use the phone again. In an emergency, I can turn it back on and dial 911, regardless of whether the car is moving or stopped.

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