5 Free Apps That Ease the Transition to Co-Habitation

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Moving in together is a big commitment. Whether you’ve been dating for years or you’ve just recently managed to connect with the one who completes you, sharing a key, daily meals and monthly bills with another person takes cooperation and a willingness to compromise.

Luckily, as a wise man once said — there’s an app for that.

mintAccording to the Huffington Post, money arguments are effective predictors of divorce. Learn early on how to combine and manage assets or you may find yourself alone with just your thoughts and dollars to console you.


This savvy little money management app is available for free download on your Apple or Android device. It monitors your spending and tells you exactly where that mountain of money you had at the end of last week went.

This app is great for helping you pinpoint unnecessary expenditures that you didn’t even realize were lurking. Finding out early on that your significant other is addicted to daily lunches at the pricey little bistro nearby is the first step in learning how to cope with quirky spending habits that aren’t your own.


Manilla is another free app available for Apple and Android. If you’re sharing one bank account and pooling your resources, Manilla is a must.

This nifty little program not only shows you where your money goes, it tracks everything from magazine and online subscriptions to your rent, car payments and monthly utilities. Manilla sends you payment reminders so you automatically know what’s due and when.

Never miss a payment or run late on your rent again when you download and use Manilla. It’s the little app that makes playing house so much easier.


Tricount is the perfect electronic solution for people who are trying to divide expenses fairly. Download it for free and get to work entering in your expense report.

For instance, if you’re simply divvying up the house expenses for a 50-50 split, You can enter each bill independently and Tricount will do the math. It totals your expenses and then divides the whole by whatever percentage you enter — great for two roommates, even better for three.

splitwiseEveryone can see in an instance how big a slice they owe. Tricount even lets you send out emails with the data.


Venmo is another terrific options for friends sharing expenses. Venmo lets you send money to your significant other for your share of the tab, or the rent or the TV plus Internet — whatever bill you’re trying to divide.

Venmo makes it mobile, convenient and super simple to satisfy your shared obligations — at least those that center around money.


Splitwise was developed with roomies in mind. This social finance app effectively tracks expenses and balances owed and reminds each participant what and when they need to pay.

Just like the name says, Splitwise makes it easier to share debt effectively. Download it for free to your iPhone and make sure your partner does the same.


 Guest Author: Mike Brady is a financial consultant and three-time state chess champion. He is married with two girls.

This article was published in exchange for promotional consideration.

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