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Maya the Bee: Flower Party
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

When it comes to children’s applications for the iPhone and iPad, we’ve actually noticed a pretty consistent trend: Those that are based on established television programs or a book series tend to be the most solid.

We assume there’s a lot that goes into this, but either way, Maya the Bee: Flower Party, from mixtvision digital GmbH & Co.KG, is not breaking the mold—at least not in terms of quality, that is!

It’s based on a long-running German kids show, and the inspiration comes through in droves.

The application offers up a wealth of tasty mini-games, a healthy assortment of educational focus points, and more than enough cartoony action to hold the interest of any young child.

The price is just about right, too, and if you’re looking for our whole review, you’ll find it just below the break!

Concept and Gameplay

This is usually where we break down the specific components of the app, and as with all children’s titles, we have to give it a split: This application isn’t so much an eBook as it is a collection of mini games, but there are certain story-like elements tying it all together.

For instance, you’ll be helping the characters prepare for a big flower party at the end, accomplishing various tasks to achieve total party happiness.

These games come in various flavors, each with a unique entertainment or edutainment factor. One game, for example, has you solving puzzles shaped like food items in order to reinforce your concepts of spacial and shape recognition.

Another has you picking numbers as they’re presented to you in thought bubbles. And so on and so forth, going from known and loved character to known and loved character.

And once all of the puzzles have been completed, the party ensues!

It’s a great deal of fun, and we especially enjoyed the musical segment where you let the characters play various instruments.

Design and Graphics

Maya the Bee for iPhone

Maya the Bee for iPhone

This is where the budget and concern that the developers have put into the application really start to shine through.

You see, Maya the Bee is a simply stunning children’s title, and the sort we like to point to when a skeptic says modern media can’t compete with classic page-turning.

The graphics are bright, cheerful, superbly done, and endlessly engaging. In fact, we often felt like we were part of the show itself.

This bodes well for the child-shaped user, especially considering the app comes in ten different languages (Merci!).

Overall Value

Overall, it’s quite hard to take fault with what Maya the Bee is offering.

The application is cheerful, delightful, chock full of educational value and entertainment quality.

With that in mind, the three dollar price tag is easily worth the price of entry.

In fact, we can hardly recommend another children’s application over Maya the Bee. If you’re looking for a new one to keep your child busy with, it’s certainly a shoe-in.

Maya the BeeMaya the Bee: Flower Party requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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