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Magic Trick #1
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Magic Trick #1 iPhone App Review

Magic Trick #1 iPhone App Review

Magic tricks aren’t always easy to learn. It takes memory, quickness and, in some cases, the power of persuasion to really pull off a trick. Unfortunately, for some of us (myself included), we do not have these qualities, so trying out magic tricks on friends can sometimes not turn out as well as expected.

Developed by Mikael Montier, Magic Trick #1, an iPhone app that lets you perform a simple card magic trick, will have you impressing people in no time with your new talent.

Concept and Functionality:
The purpose of Magic Trick #1 is to help you perform one particular magic trick as flawlessly as possible. In order to do this, you will need to thoroughly watch the tutorial that’s linked to on the homepage. But to save you all some time, I’ll explain how to use this app.

First, make sure to have a deck of cards with you. These cards don’t have to be particularly special or anything — a traditional deck will do. When you open the app and hit “Watch Trick,” don’t be alarmed when the screen goes dark. It’s to make your phone look like it’s off — but in fact, your phone is still in the app.

Ask your volunteer to pick between a number card (e.g. six of hearts) or a face card (e.g. king of hearts). Most people tend to pick face cards, but if it doesn’t pan out that way, try to convince your volunteer to pick a face card. Once he or she does that, have them choose which face card, and then, based on three sections on the app, you choose between jack, queen or king (and remember — the app is still blank).

Then, have the volunteer remove three cards from the deck. When you’ve figured out the final card, select the right symbol in the app and then start swiping away to reveal the right card. Though it’s not a complicated trick, being able to show the correct card on your phone is pretty cool and contributes to an overall high level of entertainment and surprise.

Reviewed by Sara Clayton

Reviewed by Sara Clayton


Besides sharing features and the link to the video tutorial, unfortunately, there aren’t many other features in the app is this magic trick. But frankly, the app does its sole purpose very well.


I won’t hide it– I’m pretty terrible about magic tricks. But when I used Magic Trick #1 on a friend, I was definitely proud to see that I had done the trick successfully and delighted to see that my friend was impressed.

For what it does, Magic Trick #1 is pretty cool. However, because the screen remains blank up until you swipe the screen to reveal the card, you do have to do a little memorization in advance to make sure you complete your tricks successfully.

The layout of where both the face cards are sectioned off as well as the symbols can be found in the tutorial video.

The memorization, on the other hand, is very minimal, and you won’t run into many problems with it, if any at all.

If you’re looking to impress or just have some fun, Magic Trick #1 is definitely a great app to help get you started.

magictrick1qrMagic Trick #1 requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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