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Reviewed by Adam Itkoff

Reviewed by Adam Itkoff

In essence, Hirred (pronounced hired?), from Wiink, Inc., is a brilliant idea. Take oDesk, elance, Monster, and video Skype-conferencing and throw them all into one to land you the gig of your dreams.

Hirred aims to bring the world’s first “all video powered social network” to job seekers and employers alike.

By posting job opportunities in 30-second videos, and allowing applicants to respond with 30-second videos, this app intends to serve as the OKCupid of job seeking hopefuls (Sorry for the abundance of app references, but Hirred is most definitely an app mash-up).


Hirred essentially works like this: respond to job opportunities that are posted via video, with job application responses posted via video.

This is a cool idea that definitely separates Hirred from traditional employment seeking platforms. The app boasts categories such as “rising stars” and “live” which helps to separate and distinguish users.

We’re giving this app a healthy rating on the “features” category, because the app itself is comprehensive and well intentioned. Users can fill out personal information via LinkedIn, Facebook, or manually, or can skip this option entirely.

Then, they can get right to job hunting and begin to scroll through employers and other users. The app has all of the right tools to ultimately become a booming outlet, but unfortunately its user base and “real life” application, falls short of the mark.

Hirred iPhone App Review

Hirred iPhone App Review

Concept and Functionality:

If you’re actually looking to make a living, Hirred won’t be able to deliver. The essence of this app is sound, and the idea is fun loving and energetic.

However, we only saw postings from days ago, and mostly weeks ago, as “real life” opportunities are actually far and few between. Not only this, but what actual employer is going to offer salary based on a 30 second snippet of any kind?

Now, I can imagine video interviews being a counterpart to Resume’s, CV’s and questionnaires, but skipping the crux of somebody’s background in favor for a 30 second snippet sounds questionable at best.

Long story short, if you could find the gig of your dreams in 30 seconds or less, you’d probably be dreaming (literally).

Overall Value:

This app does have a great idea, but the functionality is far from ready to deliver on it.

We suggest some sort of integration with Monster or Careerbuilder, so that a booming hub of pre-existing job offers can be tapped into seamlessly. Then, maybe the 30-second video clips can act as a nice compliment to an actual resume.

HiiredQRHirred requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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