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FlashScore Livescore
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

It’s not an area we get to talk about all that often, but here at the iPhone App Review, we actually like the sports quite a lot.

In fact, we like them so much that when we have the chance to review a live score application, we tend to get a bit giddy.

We got today’s entry, FlashScore Livescore, from FlashScore, thinking it was just a footy scorer. Then, we flicked a finger and found the world’s entire sports registry at our fingers, complete with in-depth breakdowns, odds, and everything else in-between.

If that sounds like a good time out, then you need only slide down below the break to view our entire thought on the matter. Starting with:

Concept and Functionality

If you’ve ever owned a sports app before, then you’re probably already familiar with a lot of what FlashScore has to offer.

For the sport of your choice, you’ll get live breakdowns of the action, including plays, penalties, goals and fouls.

You can also check-up on games you missed, in case you had a board meeting or a piano recital to go to and couldn’t be glued to the streaming device of your choice.

However, we’d by laughably underselling FlashScore if we didn’t mention the sheer volume of data you’ll get here.

Let’s take hockey for instance. Within this one sport, you can get all that we’ve mentioned, plus lineup information, sports betting odds, team history, current rankings, future games, past games, and almost anything else you can think of.

FlashScore Livescore for iPhone

FlashScore Livescore iPhone App Review

And this is just one sport that FlashScore offers: They also include football (American and World), rugby, cricket, hockey, handball. badminton, beach soccer, boxing, darts, floorball, snooker, and water polo. And we’re still not done with that list.

Enough said on that front! Now onto the pretty side of FlashScore.

Design and Interface

Not only is FlashScore incredibly detailed, it’s also incredibly good looking.

Everything about the application is laid out intuitively, and we had no problem finding our way around. We like a number of sports (I’m particularly partial to football of the European variety and hockey) as well as a number of international leagues.

Despite this level of complexity, finding everything that we wanted took no time at all. This is a good thing if you’re looking up scores on the go and need to find out who won since you also get push notification as part of the My Games feature.

And besides, it’s also just pretty to look at. Who could ask for more out of a livescores application?

Overall Value

Honestly, there’s little to nothing that we could add to FlashScore in terms of value.

It’s free, it’s loaded with sports information, it’s intuitive and it’s good looking to boot. And it’s not done yet offering a LIVE feature that allows you to watch just the current live games for selected sport.

In other words, this is easily our favorite sports score application, and we imagine it’ll remain on the trusty iPhone for a long time to come.

FlashScoreFlashScore Livescore requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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