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News Item: CopyTrans Photo
Written by Luke Patrick

(Special Pre-Christmas offer: Price Reduced from $19.99 to $0.99 from 12/20/13 to 12/23/13)

pr-ctp-drag-drop-iphone-explorerHere at the iPhone App Review, we occasionally like to go off the beaten path from time to time in order to bring you the latest news and tit-bits from the front lines. We’re doing just that today by delivering a bit of news that might just help us all out. CopyTrans Photo, by CopyTrans, is out now, and it’s the ideal way to transfer all of your iPhone, iPad and iPod photos between your iDevice and your computer in either direction with just drag-and-drop.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Luke,” you might be saying, “iTunes can handle that, can’t it?” And you’d be right. However, it isn’t done quite as simply and efficiently as with CopyTrans Photo.

This single application for the PC is fast, simple, and now, in the latest release, it even provides 1-click backup of your photos. It lets you easily move your photos directly off the device and to your computer in seconds. And all you’ve got to do is download it, set the thing up—it’s a leisurely process, we promise—and then plug in your device.

If this isn’t convincing enough, let us break it down for you: We use iTunes to backup the photos on our iPhone but moving selected photos onto our iPad has been a problem. Not any more! You may have tried something like DropBox as a synchronization method to manage the photos. However, this isn’t the ideal solution for everyone. After all, what if you don’t use DropBox, or don’t want to use another service? What if you just want your images on your iPad, and you don’t want to fuss about with messy solutions like iPhoto.


All of that in mind, CopyTrans Photo is a much simpler way to go about things. If I have pics on my phone that aren’t in iTunes, a minuscule sync is all that’s required to set the situation right. Likewise, CopyTrans Photo will make a full backup of your photos and albums in a single whack, if instructed, allowing you to preserve everything that’s near and dear to you without the need for complex systems.

It’s a handy bit of gadgetry, and it comes with very few hangups. For instance, the application offers a clean install and uninstall (not as common in Windows world as you might think) as well as a fluid way to avoid iTunes entirely for photo management if you so choose—and we very often do. Likewise, the free price tag is hard to complain with, and all but guarantees at least mild pleasure from using the software.

All together, if you’ve been itching for a new way to keep all your photos in one place, regardless of what device you are using, we can hardly think of a better way to do it. In fact, we prefer CopyTrans Photo to the standard iTunes experience by miles. Which is a solid way to say, “Jump on this now, and you won’t regret it.”

That’s all the news we have from the front for now, but CopyTrans Photo is a notable entry, and deserves the attention. If you have any interest at all we encourage you to take advantage of their Christmas Special, from December 20th to December 23rd, the normally $19.99 price is reduced to only $0.99.


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