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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

If you consider yourself the super organized type, or even if are someone who needs a little more organization in your life, then the Boards HD app from developer Mobile Simplified is just the app for you!


The Boards HD app not only makes your life more clutter-free, but helps you remember things and events regardless of how significant or urgent they may be. It keeps you on top of things and knowing what is going on.

Create your own personalized board with task checklists, messages, reminder memos, and even relating photo images to help you remember things even better.

It lets you express yourself with a wide variety of fonts and text styles to choose from, and many editing techniques to apply such as resizing, rotating, and re-arranging so you can make your board truly your own, and in the way that will suit you the most.

Don’t leave at just reminding yourself about the things you need to get done, use Boards HD to create unique event flyers and special occasion features. Send and display your creations to your friends and family and let them see your creativity at its best.

Appearance and Layout:

Boards HD iPhone App Review

Boards HD iPhone App Review

With an organizational concept, it is only natural that the Boards HD app itself is very well organized.

All creating features and editing tools are easily identifiable and ready to be applied, and you may even be surprised at what more things you can do than just your simple routine list maker.

Fiddle around with the apps many aspects and you will amaze yourself at how many neat designs and templates you can master up every single time you try.


Although the Boards HD app may cost you some money, it’s only a couple of bucks and it’s definitely money well worth spent, especially if you are always on the go, juggling more than one or two balls at a time, and your life never seems to get a break.

This app will not only help you maintain clarity and lessen the confusion in your daily duties, but it can assist you in being able to make the time to do the things that you wished you could do but thought you wouldn’t have time for.

Make your life more simplified and more relaxing with the Boards HD app today!

Boards3Boards HD app is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 7.0 or later. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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