5 Best Free iPhone Apps for Apartment Hunting

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Some rental markets, such as New York City’s, are hyper competitive. According to AM Network, only 1.6 percent of NYC rental properties are vacant, leading to plenty of apartment hunters using every tool at their disposal to try and find a great place.

While most rental markets aren’t anywhere near that bad, it takes time to find the perfect location and rental for your needs. Put your iPhone to work so you get yourself in your new apartment without any big delays.


For Rent

You may use the ForRent.com website for apartment hunting, but loading up the app is much more convenient for quick apartment hunting. The app has an easy to use interface that displays all of the information you need for the rental, with a map that shows the exact locations if available.

It also displays videos, photos, and virtual tours, with filters that let you search through different types of apartments, bedroom sizes, and amenities. You can make this app the primary tool in your mobile apartment hunter belt, and with an extensive listing database, it can lead you to your dream apartment fast.


Another great option for finding apartments for rent is Lovely. This app distinguishes itself by offering not only a wide variety of sources for knowing what apartments are available but it also provides a very nice range of alerting options, including price range, number of bedrooms and neighborhood.

Once alerted you’ll have the contact information you need to email, text or call the landlord directly thus avoiding the middleman or broker (although in some cases that can’t be avoided).


You found the perfect apartment, but is it in the perfect location? The Yelp mobile app, available at Yelp.com/yelpmobile, has far more features than simply looking up restaurant and business reviews. It has a feature that shows you businesses within a close proximity of your current location.

If you’re looking for an apartment that has plenty of walkable attractions, the Yelp mobile app is essential. It allows you to quickly load addresses into your navigation app, so it’s also useful when you’re first finding your way around a new city.

Crime Reports

Now that you’ve found an apartment that’s within walking distance of great restaurants and nightlife, you need to check out the crime rate for the area. The real estate agent or apartment manager is rarely going to be upfront about this information, particularly if they are in a bad area.


While you can get some general information about how safe the neighborhood is by looking around at its overall condition, that’s not an ideal way to determine where to live. An app such as Crime Reports (CrimeReports.com) gives you the kind of concrete information you need to make a good decision when it comes to apartment hunting.

It has plenty of filters, so if you’re only looking for a particular type of crime (such as violent crimes), you can show only that information in the display. You can also choose the date range so that you can make sure you are looking at current data, instead of data from years ago when the area may not have been as developed.


Finally, the apartment delivery options. Even when you have restaurants a few blocks away from your place, some nights you want to stay in and not bother with the world.

When this happens, you need an app that lets you know about the delivery options for your future apartment. Grub Hub (GrubHub.com) is a service that shows you participating restaurants and allows you to order directly from the app.



Guest Author: Christina Benson manages an apartment complex while going to night school to get her MBA.

This article was published in exchange for promotional consideration.

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