Press Release: Skyward Slots for iOS Combines Virtual Slots With Quests Achievements, and Bonuses for Truly Unique and Addicting Gameplay.

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Dublin, Ohio – November 27, 2013 – Skyward Slots is a brand-new game that brings the fun and excitement of virtual slots to iPhone and iPad. More than just pulling a reel and hoping for a great match, this game aims to take you far beyond traditional slots to a realm where winning isn’t a rarity. states “Skyward Slots, developed by Sidebolt, is an incredibly fun and entertaining game for iPad and iPhone that definitely breaks the mold.”

Skyward Slots features six different slot machines, each with its own theme and cast of charming characters. Players can visit the wonderful Wizard Layer and watch as Winston the assistant works his magic on the reels, then move on to the futuristic slot machine where EML-E the robot and Jesse await. Skyward Slots is a progressive game, meaning players must level up in order to unlock the next slot machine. Each machine is very different from the rest which keeps the game fresh and exciting.

There’s more to getting lucky and winning big in Skyward Slots. There are 25 quests and achievements for each machine, giving players something to work toward other than a purse full of coins. Players can also collect free spins and mini-game tickets. Five tickets are needed to unlock a mini-game and they’re fairly rare, but rewarding.

According to Conor Seabrook, Vice President of Product Development at Sidebolt Studios, developer of Skyward Slots, “In Skyward Slots you will travel to an ever growing assortment of floating game isles, with unique gameplay, where your hosts will cheer you on and tip the scales of luck in your favor.”

Jim Loeffler from Sidebolt puts it this way, “Skyward Slots is the next generation of slots, with its beautiful graphics and its alluring characters, keeps our players coming back.  In the short time Skyward Slots has been released, we have a loyalty rate of over 50% of our customers playing for 7 or more consecutive days.  As we enhance the app with new features and more content, we hope to see that number increase even more.  We have no shortage of ideas for new features, so stay tuned!”

For players who enjoy social games, Skyward Slots offers the ability to connect with friends via Facebook and compare scores. Daily bonuses can be earned based on the number of friends who play the game. There are also global leaderboards and leagues for players to join and compete with other Skyward Slots users all around the world.

Skyward Slots can be downloaded from the App Store for free and is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad.


About the Developer:

The mission of Sidebolt Studios is to develop fun and innovative video games. Their goal is to redefine what it means to be an “independent game developer,” and set a new quality bar for small budget, short cycle game development. They strive to make great mobile games with excellent playability.


Media Contact:

Jim Loeffler

Sidebolt Studios, Inc.


6724 Perimeter Loop Rd

Ste 149

Dublin, Ohio 43017



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