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FxGuru: Movie FX Director
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Have you ever wanted to feel like a true Hollywood director? Perhaps you’ve daydreamed about your next awesome movie premier. FxGuru: Movie FX Director puts you in the director’s chair and allows you to create incredibly realistic movie effects right on your iPad or iPhone.

Developed by Picadelic, this creative video app is packed with great features to help you make your special effects dreams come true.

Concept and Functionality:

FxGuru promises a lot in regards to allowing users to create incredibly realistic video clips with embedded special effects. This is the first of its kind that I’ve seen, so I wasn’t sure how well the app would live up to its promises. Like the explosive bazooka effect, I was blown away with what FxGuru could really do.

Surprisingly easy to navigate and use, FxGuru has a very intuitive layout that guides users through the entire process of creating a clip from start to finish.

Simply choose which effect you’d like to include in your video, use your iDevice’s camera to place an overlay where you’d like the effect to take place, and press the record button.

A handy timer will show you how long you need to keep the camera in place before the effect is complete, and you can choose to stop the clip immediately once the timer is done or you can continue recording your clip.

FxGuru will then present you with a variety of customizations for your clip, such as MotionMatch accuracy settings, video filters, and sound effects. Once rendering is complete, you can view your clip and enjoy the special effects you’ve just created.

Between incredible effects and an interface that’s very easy to use, FxGuru takes the cake when it comes to creating very realistic video clips. Plus you can choose from a plethora of effects instead of just a small handful, making the possibilities truly endless.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Perhaps the coolest feature FxGuru offers is its prized MotionMatch technology. This allows effects to stay in one place even if your device is shaking, increasing realism exponentially.

Users can be very creative and even shake the device intentionally to simulate fear, something that worked very well when I tried it. As I mentioned before, this also allows users to create longer clips while the effect stays in place.

FxGuru also includes features for HD video and high quality file sizes with the purchase of an effect or effect pack. The only thing about the app that I wasn’t a fan of is the FxGuru splash screen at the end of each clip, and I’m not sure if that’s something that can be removed with an in-app purchase. I also wish there was a way to string multiple clips together easily to add multiple effects to a movie, but FxGuru is still awesome as is.


FxGuru can be downloaded from the App Store for free and comes with a few effects to choose from.

There are 50 effects in all which can be purchased individually or bundled in packs.

Overall, FxGuru is a very entertaining and fun app to use, and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who would like to add awesome special effects to video clips.

fx_guru.jpgFxGuru: Movie FX Director requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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