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EveryThink1Every once in a while, a new app comes along that has the power to displace the old favorites, something innovative and sleek at the same time, that capitalizes on models that have yet to be fully maximized by competitors.

Arguably, this is exactly what we’ve discovered with EveryThink, from EveryThink Ltd.

This new app is a top of the line, calendar and task management app that is poised to break through into the mainstream, and replaced engrained powerhouses such as ‘Evernote’.

It’s your new center console, and allows you to integrate projects, notes, contacts and just about anything imaginable into one place, using an innovative Drag and Drop technique that sets EveryThink far beyond its counterparts.


EveryThink, in more ways than just one, is your one stop shop for everything organizational, strategic and calculated.

The app itself is essentially laid out as a work desk. The user opens the app, and is immediately prompted to allow contacts, photos, calendar, and location to integrate with the app.

Choose the level of engagement you feel most comfortable with, but this app is ultimately aiming to be your end all be all logistics coordinator.

It does just about everything but integrate with Uber to call you a private cab. You can sort through projects, contacts, presentations, and arrange all of your disparate needs into one functional and easy to find location.

The largest and most innovative feature of EveryThink is most definitely the Drag-Hover-Drop (DhD) functionality. This feature allows you to literally drag information of all file types into a single place.

EveryThink iPhone App Review

EveryThink iPhone App Review

So if you have a PDF to revise, regarding ‘Public Relations Tom’, which is due on Wednesday, well now you can literally drag all of this info into a single place.

Concept and Functionality:

For many of us that have gone digital, EveryThink was just waiting to happen. Instead of thumbing between multiple tabs and apps, writing down notes on scrap pieces of paper, and toggling between emails and appointments, EveryThink aims to bring total refuge to our highly digitized lives.

The app itself is optimized for iOS 7, runs extremely smoothly, and has a sort of hardwood interface that may make the transition from desk to digital a little smoother.

The app itself won’t be for everyone, as there is something palpable and concrete about your actual day-planner. But for a new generation of workers and entrepreneurs who do just about everything else via iPhone, iPad and eyeball, EveryThink is ready to pick up the loose ends of your life and run with it.

Overall Value:

This app costs $4.99, but frankly its one time purchase option already beats out ‘Premium’ subscription services offered by apps like ‘Evernote’.

If you’re using this app, you’ve probably already got some stream of income, considering that you’ve got so much to schedule in the first place.

So table a few slices of pizza and get this app instead.

See if it helps you to streamline your schedule and begin to organize more effectively. If not, go back to pad and pen. But you might just find that the comprehensive features of EveryThink are quite handy to have around.

EveryThink QREveryThink requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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