Press Release: DropX Is a Brand-New iOS Game That Challenges Players with Dynamic Gameplay



Melbourne, Australia – November 1, 2013 – DropX is a new side-scrolling strategy game that will keep players on the edge of their seats. With a unique style of gameplay and compelling back story about Dewey’s family and best friend, Driplet, being abducted by aliens, the game has great replay value and is sure to provide many hours of entertainment.

The fun begins with Dewey the water drop embarking on a mission to rescue his family and his best friend Driplet from the aliens who abducted them from their home planet in the Rainy Way galaxy. Dewey had to create an alter ego and face the aliens himself if he wanted to bring them home safely. Thus, DropX was born.

Players will navigate their way through 20 levels of gameplay in DropX. The goal of each level is to help DropX dodge obstacles and aliens by strategically drawing cloud platforms to keep him from falling to the bottom of the screen. To successfully complete the level and progress to the next one, DropX must reach and enter the portal that’s located at the end of the map.

Unlike other games that have players draw platforms before officially starting the level, DropX is unique in that players need to actively place platforms while the game is in motion. DropX puts another spin on strategy by giving players a limited amount of clouds to draw in each level. This, combined with a wide variety of obstacles and bad guys, makes DropX a very complex and action-packed game to play.

Developer Severino Mendoza says, “DropX’s unique swiping motion gameplay adds an exciting twist to the game as compared to the usual buttons of left, right, and jump common to the other platform games out there.”

DropX can be downloaded from the App Store for $0.99 and is designed for iPhone.


About the Developer:

Dba JetSs Enterprise is a startup game development company based out of San Diego, California via Melbourne, Australia. The company launched on Facebook in October 2013 and is implementing a rigorous marketing plan to reach its target gamers in this high growth market. DropX was the idea of lead developer Severino Mendoza’s two sons who wanted a new platform game to play on their iPhones.


Media Contact:

Severino Mendoza

Melbourne, Australia

Business Phone No.: +61 481 148 051

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