DragonCalc Plus: Create Your Own Unique Dragons


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DragonCalc plus – reference guide and breeding calculator for DragonVale
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

If you love fantasy themed games and play DragonVale you probably are having a great time creating your own dragons.

If you would like to be more efficient and easily discover the best way of getting your favorite dragons, then DragonCalc Plus from developer Max Matveev is just the app for you!


When you initially open the DragonCalc Plus app, you will be prompted to either sign in, sign up, or choose not to register.

However, if you choose not register then you will not be able to recover your data in the case when you transfer to a new device, reset the existing device, or restore the device.

In either case you need to be aware that this application does not synch with DragonVale so your list of dragons should be maintained manually. There are 148 dragons available in the database, with various names and characteristics.

Select from numerous actions such as parent selection, desired dragon combo finder, breeding simulator, and so on. View all your latest data, including calculations, combos, and breed types right on the main screen.

Change settings to your preference, such as hibernation caves, dragon elements, fountain of youth effects, and so on.

Appearance and Layout:

DragonCalc Plus iPhone App Review

DragonCalc Plus iPhone App Review

Although the DragonCalc Plus app has multiple dragons to view and that you can attempt to create, the only main visuals are the actual dragons themselves. That being said we really like how the app lays everything out so you can see how the breeding will work.

Each one has distinctive physical characteristics that are apparent in the images shown, and users can relate to their images to figure if they want to breed that type of dragon or not.

There aren’t any fancy animation involved or three dimensional graphics to be amazed by, but the dragons themselves and the breedings are depicted in an easy to understand way.

Overall the app is very well laid out, with settings and functions that are well thought out enough for users to have plenty to act on and create a wide variety of different kind of dragons.


The DragonCalc Plus app does cost you some money, but if your into DragonVale and factor in the plethora of details that is incorporated into the app and the multiple functions that you can fiddle around with, than this game app has a lot to offer.

It is an excellent add-on to DragonVale and for those who enjoy that game and want to take it to the next level with some insight into their dragon breedings, this app is absolutely worth every penny.

The bottom line is this is the app to get if you want to figure out how to create your own pack of specialty breed fantasy animals, and actually succeed in doing so.

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Dragon3DragonCalc Plus requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.  A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

The iPhone App Reviews rating: [Rating: 4.5/5]

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  1. Jessica Gossett says:

    So I purchased this awhile ago and then had to delete it to make room for my school work. I went back to download it on my iPad once again and it is gone. I’m pretty upset that I paid for this app and now it is gone. It would be nice to get my money back. My mom never got rid of her app and still uses it. I can’t find any contact information either.

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