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Common Ground Game
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you’ve been with us long here at the iPhone App Review, then you’re likely aware of our puzzle game fixation. We also tend to like any game that involves words or wordplay—we’re betting you can’t guess why.

This is why we’re particularly stoked to be introducing you today to Common Ground, from Common Ground The Game, LLC, a uniquely satisfying puzzle game with a wordy twist for the iPhone.

The title has you matching strings of letters based on clues, and if that sounds confusing, don’t worry: We’ll explain it all in our full review of the game below. So without any further ado, skip on down to see our whole thought!

Concept and Gameplay

The entire premise behind Common Ground can neatly be summarized in a simple concept. In one column, you’ll get a list of category-based words. In the other, you’ll get an equal number of blank cells with a category heading.

Your goal is to create as many new words as possible that use the adjacent cells sequential letters. That’s probably confusing, so here’s an example.

Let’s say one category says “Pets” and the other says “Body Parts.” If the first cell has the word “Chinchilla” then you could add “Chin” in the blank spot beside it. Make sense?

You use this concept in each of the game’s game modes. When playing against another opponent, you’ll want to get higher scoring words then they, simply by using longer strings.

When by yourself, there’s still quite a bit of challenge, as you’ll need to figure out the word combinations that score the highest to get the most out of the gameplay. It’s a lot of fun, especially when playing in speed mode against the clock.

Design and Interface

Common Ground

Common Ground

The interface contained within Common Ground is certainly not the worst we’ve seen. In fact, it rather fits the gameplay with its cartoony atmosphere and bright colors. That being said, we do think there’s room for improvement.

Though, the developers have brought a lot to the table for you to enjoy: You’ll get four different game modes, each of which brings something new to the table. The puzzles themselves are also quite hard, which makes the gameplay more exciting. All in all, this means high marks for Common Ground.

Overall Value

Oh, and did we mention that the game is completely free? Yes, you can enjoy all that it has to offer right now without any prior obligation. That’s what we call a bargain, and if you’re looking for a frighteningly hard yet ultimately endearing puzzle game with loads of words to add to your pocket, this is the one to try.

Common Ground is a winner, and gets solid marks in our book.

Common GroundCommon Ground requires iOS 6.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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