5 Free Apps to Make Online Learning Easier

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Pursuing a degree online may mean never having to step foot inside a classroom. But the key to success remains the same as a student taking the traditional route — hours dedicated to studying and completing the coursework. For online students whose achievements rest so heavily on reliable Internet access, it’s crucial to have the right apps to keep you plugged in, on the ball and ready with the right tools at your fingertips.


Wi-Fi Finder – Free

Although devices these days do a pretty good job of locating Wi-Fi, they can always be better. When you’re out and about and need to cram, finding the closest, strongest signal is priceless. Luckily, you don’t have to pay anything for the Wi-Fi Finder. An iPhone- and iPad-adapted app that immediately picks
out the best connections in your area is all you need. This free app not only finds hotspots, but it can narrow them down based on provider and give you directions to where they are located. Being stranded on deadline without a signal in sight will be a thing of the past.

RealCalc – Free

Sure, some students will never look at a calculator again. But, for those who want the benefits of a scientific calculator without being weighed down with another device, this is the app for you. A free app unless you want the heavy-duty RealCalc Plus for an extra $3.49, RealCalc is adapted to all Android operating systems as well as iOS platforms. It goes beyond your phone’s calculator, providing a range of higher math options all in one piece of technology.


DropBox – Free

As an app, cost-free DropBox allows you to store your papers, assignments, photos, data and anything else you can think of in the Cloud, rather than in a storage device or on a hard drive. Because of this, you never need to worry about losing an assignment due to a damaged device or leaving it at home. However you travel, wherever you study and whatever device you use, DropBox keeps those files with you.

Penn Foster Study Planner – Free

Want to really hone in on your subject matter? Let’s say you’re enrolled in the Penn Foster pharmacy technician program. Part of such specific training is remembering a plethora of obscure names, and you’re probably going to need some help. iOS apps such as Pharmacy Technician provide countless flashcards to etch those names to memory, helping you ace exams and excel at practicums. At only $2.99, the low cost can return with high rewards. This app will help you plan your exam schedule and will help you stay on track.

Dragon Dictation – Free

Online students are often on the go: headed to a day job, studying from the library or taking care of little ones. Dragon Dictation helps iPhone and iPad users keep track of notes, assignments and breakthroughs by allowing you to speak into your device anywhere, any time. The free price means your thoughts don’t have to cost any more than they usually do.






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