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Divine Words: It’s Scrabble with a Dash of Random

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Divine Words iPhone App Review by If you’ve been with us long here at the iPhone App Review, then you’re likely aware of the fact that we just adore any application that has us stringing together letters into words, words into phrases. We’ve been avid Scrabble players since time immemorial, […]


Zooper Is A Blast; Controlled Chaos Delivered Straight To Your Phone

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Zooper iPhone Game Review by Simply put, Zooper, from GoManGo, is mayhem. The game itself is a whirlwind of fantastically bright colors and dynamic characters that far surpassed our expectations. Users move animals with their fingertips, which consequently roll and fly across the screen. The user must tilt the screen […]


Frills – A Brand New, Hilarious Charades Experience For All Ages

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Frills iPhone Game Review by We’ve all sat around the living room table with friends, glasses in hand and music playing. The night is off to a great start, and everyone is ready to laugh their heads off through some classic gaming. Only to discover, that you’ve only got 51 […]