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Rule Your Kingdom in the Sky in Undersky: The Eternal Saga

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Undersky: The Eternal Saga iPad Game Review by Undersky: The Eternal Saga, from the development studio SteamWarShip and published by Renatus Media LLC, is a new and exciting kingdom building game for iPhone and iPad. Featuring plenty of gameplay aspects and tons of unique things to do, this is the […]


Test Your Movie Knowledge with Trivia Mall

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Trivia Mall – Movies – Lord Of The Rings, Monsters inc. and more iPhone Game Review by Trivia Mall, an app by Ziv Himmelfarb, is perfect for engaging and occupying the avid movie-enthusiast. With trivia questions from a number of popular movies (with the plan to add more in subsequent […]


DataDiary Lets You See The Inner Workings Of Your iPhone, Without Taking It Apart

Tweet Price: Free Rating: DataDiary iPhone App Review by If you’ve ever gotten a gargantuan bill from AT&T, or had an AppleCare representative tell you that, “you’re a heavy data iPhone user” it may be time to get to the bottom of the mystery and download DataDiary, from Informate. DataDiary is an extremely simple […]