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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Are you a fan of Instagram and other photo editing type apps? Do you like to apply special effects and use all sorts of filters to add some creativity to your photos? Then the Piclipse app from developer Hussein Mahmoud is just the app you are looking for!


The Piclipse app is the ultimate photo editor on the go. It goes beyond what a general photo editing app can do and perceive. With over forty different and unique editing filters, you will be torn between so many to apply to your favorite photos.

Common features such as text addition, color control, and convenient individual effect removal are still a part of this distinct app. It doesn’t stop there though.

You also have the ability to turn your photos into slide shows with music you can snag form your device’s library. Want to showcase your creation? Save the slide show(s) in video file format and email it to your friends and family. Want to get the perfect shot of something or someone in motion.

Use the app’s special “Burst Mode” feature where you have the option to adjust the delay between each picture taken. Besides serious editing capabilities, this is also one photo editing app that you can have some fun with. The developer has included a few humorous editing features include the “Face in the Hole” function where you can swap heads to different bodies, and the “Mirror House” that offers five different amusing effects that you can apply to your pictures.

Appearance and Layout:

Piclipse iPhone App Review

Piclipse iPhone App Review

With a sleek interface and a nice contrasting backdrop, all editing features are noticeable and recognizable. Each editing option is highlighted and obvious, and with a few taps here and there anyone can figure how to use each feature and what it does for the user.

Filters are identifiable on the bottom of the screen and additional editing options are available on the upper right and left had corners.  Instant edited photo sharing via personal social network accounts such as Twitter and Facebook is also made easy.


The Piclipse app costs you $3.99. The higher price factor is definitely something to consider given that a lot of photo editing apps are being offered for free these days. However, for the additional features that it offers, especially the “Burst Mode” function and the slide show creator, many will find the price well worth it.

Many photo creating and photo editing apps are all the rage right now, no matter what age or background you are, and this app will not disappoint.

Piclipse3 Piclipse app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It requires iOS 6.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

The iPhone App Reviews rating: [Rating: 4.5/5]

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