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Logo Quiz Ninja
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Reviewed by Sara Clayton

Reviewed by Sara Clayton

Being a ninja requires much more than looking good in black. To be a top-notch ninja, you have to be able to think quickly on your feet, stay calm and make as few mistakes as possible. In Logo Quiz Ninja, developed by June Software, your speed, patience and knowledge of logos will be put to the ultimate test in this fun and exciting logo game app.

Concept and Functionality:

There are a lot of logo games in the App Store, but aside from figuring out logos, there isn’t much else to these games. Logo Quiz Ninja, on the other hand, puts these other logo games to shame.

When you first open the app, you’re introduced to Daijiro the Ninja who realizes, upon waking up from a nap, that his Sensei has been kidnapped. It’s up to you to help Daijiro get Sensei back as well as impress the beautiful and mysterious Misaki by getting through all of the many levels in this game.

The first couple of levels involve figuring out what the semi-obscured logo is based on three choices. The brands introduced early on are all fairly well known, so chances are you’ll be able to fly through these levels.

However, as you progress, the types of logo quizzes are changed up and the brands become more difficult to identify. In addition to the multiple choice levels, others types of quizzes that come up in the game include logo spell-outs, memorization, identification and much more.

But once you lose all five of your lives, it’s the end of the road for you until your lives restore. Otherwise, if you don’t have the patience of a ninja, you can always purchase more lives from Misaki’s Store.

The sheer amount of variety in Logo Quiz Ninja makes this a much more interesting game to play, unlike the other logo apps, where it’s easy to lose interest.

Logo Quiz Ninja iPhone App Review

Logo Quiz Ninja iPhone App Review


What also makes Logo Quiz Ninja stand out is the effort that was put into the game overall. Not only is there a plot to keep you entertained with, but the art is also cute, cartoonish and beautifully done. When you go to the main page, for example, the levels you still have to pass are covered by clouds that lead up all the way to the end.

But the aesthetics don’t stop there. The variations in levels are accompanied by unique art, be it playing to get to the light at the end of a cavernous tunnel or making your way around an obstacle of revolving thorns and drills.


Logo Quiz Ninja is a lot of fun. It’s challenging enough and, at the same time, amusing because of the simple yet compelling plot. With so many levels, you’ll want to keep going until you are finally able to save Sensei.

Though the objective of Logo Quiz Ninja – to figure out the logo – remains the same throughout the entirety of the game, thanks to a whole lot of creativity and ninja skills, this game stays as fresh as the first level.

logoninjaquizLogo Quiz Ninja Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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