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Reviewed by Adam Itkoff

Reviewed by Adam Itkoff

Who couldn’t use a pick me up halfway through the day? No, that’s not the start of a joke; it’s a reason to download IJOKE DAILY, from William Lake. It’s a simple humor app that promises fresh and original content daily. Let’s try this again. Knock, Knock. Whose there? IJOKE DAILY. Ok, that wasn’t a joke either. But that’s why we leave it up to these guys.

This is a handy little app that provides new and freshly generated content to the palm of your hand. It costs a little under a dollar, and if you need a good chuckle, could be right up your ally.


IJOKE DAILY has a relatively simple structure, and divides its app into four major parts. ‘Jokes’ is the first section of the app. This is really the crux and provides a scroll of new jokes everyday. Now granted, not all of these are gut-busters, but some of them are quite humorous, and the fact that they constantly generate and offer witty critiques on current events is half of the appeal.

It’s like if CNN got a really low-key comedian and hired him as a micro-blogger. Kind-of. Since all jokes are written by a professional comedy writer whose written for Letterman, SNL, and other greats, we know that there are definitely some diamonds in there as well.

IJOKE DAILY iPhone App Review

IJOKE DAILY iPhone App Review

The app also divides into ‘Categories’, ‘More’ and ‘Favorites’. ‘Jokes’ is really the most important part of the app, and while the rest can help you organize, they aren’t nearly as crucial.

Concept and Functionality:

The concept here is great. If the app itself gets a slight makeover and gradually gets cleaner while the jokes keep rolling, it could definitely pick up some steam. Two ‘More’ buttons in the center console of the app and other little mishaps demonstrate something a little more clunky than most of our favorite apps, but frankly this app has some room to grow and for that we give it extra points.

The concept is golden and the functionality isn’t quite a joke, but could definitely use some improvement.

Overall Value:

With a lot of apps on the market, something about  IJOKE DAILY is relatively refreshing. Amidst the destructive CNN headlines that pepper most of our days, IJOKE DAILY gives a breath of relief and has a novel ambition to provide new jokes daily.

Simple as that. With constant content at $0.99, there really isn’t much to lose here. Still the app could benefit from some cleanup and may be better off in an update or two. At the end of the day if you love it, it’s a win, and if you don’t, well, Jokes on you! Ha.

ijoke qrIJOKE DAILY requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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