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Track Sleep Patterns and Daily Activity Levels with MotionX-24/7

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: MotionX-24/7: Sleep Cycle, Snore, Heart Rate, Activity Monitor iPhone App Review by (Promo Code Giveaway! See below for details) MotionX-24/7, developed by MotionX, is an incredibly well-rounded fitness tracking app that blows away the competition in terms of quality and features. Concept and Functionality:  Those of you who are familiar […]


Piclipse: Not Your Typical Photo Editor

Tweet  Price: $3.99 Rating: Piclipse iPhone App Review by Are you a fan of Instagram and other photo editing type apps? Do you like to apply special effects and use all sorts of filters to add some creativity to your photos? Then the Piclipse app from developer Hussein Mahmoud is just the app you […]


Shape Assassin – Assassinate These Shapes Before They Assassinate You!

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Shape Assassin iPhone Game Review by Shape Assassin, from Michael Huber, is a highly ambitious strategy game that’s built for the quick and the keen. The user races against the clock to order floating shapes in hopes of solving an ever-changing puzzle and racking up the highest score possible. The […]