Top 5 Unusual Driving Apps

You certainly don’t want to have your smartphone up and at the ready when you’re driving around town, but there are plenty of apps that don’t require your active engagement to improve your driving experience.

Driving apps come in many forms, from GPS to gas mileage monitoring, with some truly unique and entertaining apps thrown in to keep things interesting. If you’re looking for smartphone apps beyond the typical recommendations for companion car apps, let these steer you toward exactly what you’re looking for.

Along the Way

Along the Way

GamificationFuelGood (free)

If you’ve never heard of the concept of gamification, it refers to a way of making everyday activities more exciting by rewarding you for accomplishing them, similar to a video game. Fuelgood uses the phone’s GPS to track your fuel mileage and efficiency.

You can pick the specific car you have, along with engine size if you aren’t using the stock materials. Track all of your journeys and compare them side by side. The tips button also lets you know how to improve your driving for more fuel efficiency.

Discovering Local FlavorAlong The Way ($2.99)

For those who typically only check out towns at the end of a journey, not all of the ones in-between, Along the Way seeks to change that by looking up spots you’ll pass by on your way to your final destination.

It’s a $2.99 iOS app that’s well worth the money, as you’ll find many fascinating places and local businesses you might have otherwise passed by.

Buying a CarCar Guru (free)

Car Guru is an online service that compiles vehicles in your area in an easy-to-use search tool. The best part is the advice the app gives you on the listed cars. It shows you a rating of the dealership.

It also tells you if the listed price is fair, good or too high. The app indicates how much above or below MSRP the asking price is so you have some comparison and leverage when you go to the dealership or visit the website.



Car Guru is a free app for Android and Apple.

Anti-Texting ($3.99/month or $13.95/year for a single user)

Texting and driving is a major distraction and danger, even more so than driving drunk.

An app niche exists that will keep you from texting while driving. will read your text messages, calls, and emails out loud when you receive them. You can set an automated response if you’d like, or you can respond by voice, hands-free.

Rev Your EnginesXLR8 (free)

Not everyone is going to end up owning a sports car during their lifetime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your car sound like a sports car.

XLR8 is a free iOS app that makes you feel like you’re driving a supercar, by connecting into your stereo and outputting the noise those high-powered engines make. It tracks your car’s acceleration and braking, so the noises match what your car is doing. It might not be the same thing as having one of those cars, but it’s certainly one way to enjoy the massive engine sounds.

Dynolicious is another great app for car enthusiasts, as it tracks quite a few interesting metrics, so you can brag about your car to all of your buddies.

This $8.99 iOS app lets you know how fast you reach 0-60 mph, your quarter mile time, the measured horsepower, and every other stat you could want from your car.




Guest Author: Tommy Calloway is a writer and car enthusiast from California who loves tinkering with his old Chevy and working as a part-time mechanic.


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